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First look at the Stranger Things: The First Shadow cast


Netflix and Sonia Friedman Productions are preparing to bring Stranger Things viewers to another world with a live play dubbed Stranger Things: The First Shadow. The curtain will rise on December 14th at the Phoenix Theatre in London's West End, with previews commencing in eight weeks. This stage production, written by Kate Trefry and directed by Stephen Daldry, promises a stunning event.

New Faces in Hawkins

The ensemble cast brings the cherished characters to life while introducing new faces to the enthralling world of Stranger Things. Here's a taste of the talent that will be on display:

  1. Louis McCartney (Silent Roar, Hope Street, Game of Thrones) as Henry Creel 
  2. Ella Karuna Williams (The Equalizer) as Patty Newby
  3. Patrick Vaill (Oklahoma!, Macbeth, Dash & Lily) as Dr. Brenner
  4. Oscar Lloyd (The 47th, Hotel Portofino, 4 O’Clock Club) as Jim Hopper, Jr.
  5. Isabella Pappas (Finding Alice, The Villains of Valley View, The Nether) is Joyce Maldonado
  6. Christopher Buckley (David Copperfield, Orphans, Stig of the Dump) plays Bob Newby
  7. Michael Jibson (Bodies, The Essex Serpent, Hamilton) as Victor Creel
  8. Lauren Ward (Dear Evan Hansen, Matilda the Musical, Caroline, or Change) as Virginia Creel
  9. Shane Attwooll (Wonder Woman 1984, Legend, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot) as Chief Hopper
  10. Kemi Awoderu as Sue Anderson

Other cast members include Chase Brown as Lonnie Byers, Ammar Duffus plays Charles Sinclair, Gilles Geary as Ted Wheeler, Florence Guy as Karen Childress, Max Harwood as Allen Munson, Matthew Pidgeon as Father Newby, Calum Ross as Walter Henderson, and Maisie Norma Seaton as Claudia Henderson.

Tricia Adele-Turner, Lauren Arney, Reya-Nyomi Brown, Patricia Castro, Lydia Fraser, Isaac Gryn, Mark Hammersley, Tom Peters, Kingdom Sibanda, Tiana Simone, Danny Sykes and Meesha Turner as ensemble members.

Stranger Things: The First Shadow’s creative team is nothing short of spectacular. The creative producers of the stage play, the Duffer Brothers, are also the original series creators. The Duffer Brothers, Jack Thorne, and Kate Trefry collaborated on the original story for The First Shadow, ensuring that the show preserves the spirit of the Stranger Things universe.

The excitement for Stranger Things: The First Shadow is well-deserved. The story gives the audience a glimpse into the early lives of characters such as Hopper, Joyce, Bob, Henry, and Dr. Brenner. It also promises clues for the fifth season of the hit show. So prepare yourselves for a fascinating journey to Hawkins, where shadows hide secrets and adventure awaits. Check out the Phoenix Theatre seating plan for the best seats for the show!

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