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Pantomimes Season is Back! Book Tickets to Best London Pantomimes in 2024

The return of London pantomimes for 2022 brings with it beloved characters, storylines, and a sense of lighthearted fun. There are many Londoners who don't set foot in a theatre for the entire year but make an exception for London pantomimes. If that doesn't make you want to visit a beloved London pantomime, nothing else can! Book your London pantomimes tickets now and witness this magical and historic tradition in London's West End.

Many of today's well-known elements of the traditional London pantomimes, like the outrageous costumes, expansive humour, celebrity cameos, and audience participation, can be attributed to the inventive Victorians.

The origins of pantomime can be traced to the 16th-century Italian entertainment known as "Commedia dell'Arte," which combined dance, music, acrobatics, and tumbling with a cast of cheeky stock characters. Early pantomimes based on classical tales that were performed to music but lacked dialogues in the early 18th century witnessed the first appearance of Commedia characters on the London stage.

How To Book Tickets to London Pantomimes?

Potted Panto

The best and most efficient way to buy tickets to London pantomimes is by purchasing them online. Not only do you get to skip out on standing in long queues, but online tickets are also safe and they encourage contactless transactions. Buying your tickets for London pantomimes online comes with numerous perks like discounts, seasonal offers, and great convenience.

How to Buy Cheap Tickets to London Pantomimes?

With a few tricks and tips, you can easily procure discounted and cheap tickets to London pantomimes that will make your experience even more joyful. Booking well in advance is a great way to get good seats at cheaper prices. You can also try London TKTS or try your hand at the lottery.

What Are London Pantomimes?


Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good old London theatre pantomime? The most grandiose shows at the major London theatres could take up to five hours and included ingenious stage effects, gorgeous costumes, and relatively large casts by the end of the 19th century. With its inclusion of songs, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, cross-dressing, inside jokes, relevant allusions to topical themes, audience interaction, and light sexual references, London pantomimes continue to be a well-liked genre of theatre. London pantomimes are usually spectacular pageants that provide entertaining performances well worth the ticket prices and attract crowds to the city from all over the world. Pantomimes in London are something that you should experience at least once in your life.

What Makes London Pantomimes Special?


London pantomimes are something to behold. Although performed in most English-speaking countries, pantomimes in London’s West End are really special. The London Pantomime returns in 2022, making for yet another fabulous holiday season with well-known characters and well-worn plots but still managing to maintain a consistent mood of raucous family entertainment. Many patrons make an effort to attend pantomimes, especially during the Christmas holidays, even if they avoid theatres for the rest of the calendar year. London is a city that loves pantomime earnestly, as evidenced by the massive London Palladium production with its famous icon Julian Clary in Jack and the Beanstalk, which is one of the most popular London pantomimes.

What is the Difference Between a London Pantomime and a Musical?


London Pantomimes

London pantomimes are the musical and comedic stage version of folk tales or children's stories geared toward family entertainment and generally performed around the holidays of Christmas and New Year. Songs, jokes, slapstick comedy, and dance are all part of contemporary London pantomime. London theatre pantomimes usually follow a certain set of rules or traditions, like the villains entering the stage left while the protagonists enter the stage right.

Frozen the Musical

What Are the Best Christmas Pantomimes in London?


Mostly based on classic stories and folktales, particularly the fairy tales of Charles Perrault, Joseph Jacobs, Hans Christian Andersen, and the Grimm Brothers, pantomime storylines and screenplays rarely directly allude to Christmas. Cinderella, Aladdin, Dick Whittington and His Cat, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Peter Pan, Puss in Boots, and Sleeping Beauty have been some of the most well-known pantomimes in London. 

London pantomimes started to open on Boxing Day as a matter of tradition, eternally connecting this form of entertainment with the holiday and the family. Nowadays, it is considered customary to catch one of these shows with your loved ones during Christmas. If you are in London during the holiday season, be sure to follow this entertaining London tradition. This year, you can buy yourself tickets to enjoy one of the most popular and best pantomimes in London, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Frequently Asked Questions About London Pantomimes

Q. What are the best London pantomimes?

A. London theatre is famous all over the world for its pantomimes. Find out more about the best London pantomimes playing in London.

Q. Where can I buy tickets for London Pantomimes?

A. Book tickets for the best London pantomimes online for great deals and discounts along with a hassle-free experience.

Q. Where can I buy cheap tickets for London Pantomimes?

A. Purchase your London pantomimes tickets online to avail the best deals and discounts.

Q. What are the best Christmas pantomimes in London?

A. There are numerous Christmas pantomimes in London along with more exciting Christmas shows.

Q. What are the best London Pantomimes for kids?

A. There are numerous London Pantomimes playing for kids. Check out our London shows for kids roundup and pick your favourite show.

Q. How to choose the right seats for London pantomimes?

A. A lot happens on the stage during a London pantomime show and you need to get the best seats in the house to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. For a pantomime show, try getting seats in the middle rows. These are far away enough from the stage to give you a clear view of the proceedings and the sound quality is also the best here.