A spectacular musical journey reuniting the legendary band, this digital concert promises timeless hits and an experience of a lifetime.

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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of The Lion King, a breathtaking musical that uses masks and puppetry to create pure theatrical magic.

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Recipient to countless awards, this masterpiece has been enchanting audiences for decades with its iconic music score and exquisite set design.

A spectacular musical journey reuniting the legendary band, this digital concert promises timeless hits and an experience of a lifetime.

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Buy West End London theatre tickets

Home to over 40 venues, West End is London’s main theatre district and has hosted productions since the time of William Shakespeare. Along with Broadway in New York City, West End theatre continues to set the benchmark for commercial theatre around the world and is home to some of the biggest theatre productions and actors in history.

Enjoy award-winning theatre, musicals, and plays with your London theatre tickets. Get last-minute bookings, flexible validity, preferred seating, and endless discounts with your London theatre tickets.

What makes London theatre shows special?

Mamma Mia

The theatre district in London is renowned for a reason. London's West End is home to a number of some of the world's most famous, top-rated, and longest-running shows.

Along with famous musicals like Les Misérables, The Phantom Of The Opera, Mamma Mia!, The Lion King, there are abundant productions and plays in London to see. Murder mysteries, horror shows, romantic shows, comedies, opera, dance – you will find it all in London's West End. You may also see some of the biggest stars on stage and on film perform live.

What are the different types of shows running at London theatres?

The Mousetrap
Mamma Mia
Madam Butterfly

What is the difference between West End and Off-West End shows?

The Lion King

Things to know before booking your London theatre tickets

Dress code
Getting there
Discounted tickets
Last-minute tickets
Theatre guidelines
dress code

While there is no particular dress code as such when it comes to London theatre, it is best to wear something semi-casual or semi-formal and something comfortable. As such, jeans are okay, but sweatpants are to be avoided.

Most theatres at West End are air-conditioned, and it can get a bit cold inside the theatre during showtime. So, it is prudent to also carry a light jacket, cardigan, or sweater, just in case.

london theatre
How long is a London theatre show on an average?

The duration of West End shows varies but they usually last for 2.5 to 3 hours with an interval included.

What time do London theatre shows usually start?

Most London theatre shows usually start around 7 or 7:30 PM in the evenings. There are also some matinee shows during the afternoon on some days during 2 to 4 PM. However, the timings of each show tend to differ so do check your show's timings before booking your tickets.

Are there any London theatre shows during the day?

Yes, London theatre shows do take place during the day. These day time performances are known as matinee shows.

London's theatre district is properly connected by various means of public transport which makes getting there quite easy. While walking around and exploring is a good option in West End, when short on time you might want to use public transport to get around. Taking the tube or the underground metro is one of the most popular and efficient ways to get there.

Popular West End stations: Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden station, and Leicester Square

Q. What time should I arrive at the theatre before the show?
A. It is ideal to arrive at least thirty minutes before the showtime.

london theatre restaurants

Inside London theatre district

Cheap: Franco Manca, My Old Dutch, Shoryu Ramen Regent Street

Mid-Range: Barrafina, Balthazar, Cork & Bottle

Expensive: Côte Bistro, Dishoom, Gordon’s Wine Bar

Food and drinks are generally not permitted inside the theatre. Most London theatres do however house a cafe, bar, or restaurant on the premises.

london theatre
london theatre tickets
london theatre
  • It is a good idea to reach the theatre 30 minutes prior to your show's time as there are often busy queues outside.
  • Photography, video recording and sound recording of the show are strictly prohibited.
  • Outside food is not allowed while attending shows at London theatre.
  • Most theatres do have a cafeteria or bar inside the premises where you can grab a quick bite or drink during the interval or after the show.
  • While there is no strict dress code at London theatre, it is still prudent to dress in smart or semi-casual clothing.
  • The usage of mobile phones during the show is discouraged as the light and sound can be distracting to other viewers.
  • Talking during the show is frowned upon as it can be a source of distraction to others around you.

London theatre tickets & seat types explained

Choosing the right type of seat at a West End show is almost as important as the show itself. The unique experience of watching your favourite story come alive on stage can be diminished if you choose the wrong seats where you have to crane your neck or are not even able to see the stage. To make the most of your London theatre experience, it is prudent to choose the best seats with your London theatre tickets.

Most London theatres have 3 sections: the Stalls, Dress/Royal Circle, and the Upper/Grand Circle. However, many smaller theatres have only 2 sections: Stalls and Dress Circle. A few theatres like the Lyric Theatre have 4 sections, with the added section being the Balcony.

Here's a quick guide to help you understand the London theatre tickets and seat types a bit better.

Dress/Royal Circle
Grand/Upper Circle
stalls in london theatre
What is the Stalls section?

The section in the theatres closest to the stage are known as the Stalls section. For this reason, it is the most popular among all the other sections. It is said that for the best views, one should opt for rows 6-8 within the Stalls since these rows offer seats that are nether too close nor too far from the stage.

Who should book a seat in the Stalls section?

Anyone looking for the best seat in the house should book a seat in the Stall section. Since the seats in the stall are closest to the stage, the audience can get a clear view of the stage.

How expensive are the Stalls?

Since the seats in the Stalls are closest to the stage, they are also the most expensive in the house. The views from the front rows in the Stall are arguably the best and they also place you closer to the action.

How is the view from the Stalls section?

The Stalls undoubtedly offers the best view of the stage. Since this section is located closest to the stage, the viewers get to enjoy a full, clear view, with no obstructions.

royal circle in london theatre
What is the Dress/Royal Circle?

The Dress Circle is the first elevated section in a West End theatre. Seats in this section will have you looking down at the stage rather than looking up, as is the case with seats in the Stalls. For the best views, head over to the middle section of the Dress Circle.

How expensive is the Dress Circle?

The Dress Circle is cheaper than the Stalls, but more expensive than the other two sections.

Who should book a seat in the Dress Circle section?

Those viewers looking for good views with affordable pricing can book a ticket at the Dress Circle. In fact, front central seats in the Dress Circle are considered to be among the best seats in the house with their panoramic views of the stage.

How is the view from the Dress Circle section?

The Dress Circle offers an unrestricted view of the stage. Since the Dress Circle is elevated, the viewers get to look down at the stage, which offers a better experience.

grand circle in london theatre
What is the Grand/Upper Circle?

The Grand Circle is the second elevated section in a West End theatre and is located above and behind the Dress Circle. While it is quite far from the stage, some seats in this section may offer decent views if the layout of the theatre is favorable.

How expensive is the Grand Circle?

Since the seats here are located quite a distance away from the action, the Grand Circle fall under the “budget” category.

Who should book a seat in the Grand Circle section?

If you are looking for a budget West End experience and choosing between front seats in the Grand Circle and the back rows of the Dress Circle, then go for the front few rows of the Grand Circle.

How is the view from the Grand Circle section?

Since the Grand Circle is located quite far away from the stage, the view it offers is not the best. In fact, the last few rows of this section may only offer a restricted view of the stage.

balcony seats in london theatre
What is the Balcony section?

Theatres with a large seating capacity have an additional section which is known as the Balcony. It forms the highest seating level in the theatre. Since the Balcony is farthest away from the stage, you can not expect a great view of the stage.

How expensive is the Balcony?

Since the Balcony is situated farthest away from the stage, it is quite cheap.

Who should book a seat in the Balcony section?

Those viewers who are looking for the cheapest tickets and are willing to compromise on the view should book a Balcony ticket.

How is the view from the Balcony section?

Since the Balcony section is the furthest away from the stage, viewers may not have a clear view of the stage.

How to buy cheap London theatre tickets?

London theatre tickets

Best way to buy London theatre tickets? Book online.

The best and most efficient way to buy London theatre tickets is by purchasing them online. Not only do you get to skip the hassle of standing in long queues, but online tickets are also safe and they encourage contactless transactions. 

people standing in a ticket queue outside a london theatre

Why book London theatre tickets online?

  • No more waiting: Get your tickets at the click of a button and avoid having to wait in long lines at the box office. You’ll never have to worry about missing the opening of the show ever again.
  • Book in advance: Save time and plan your day well in advance by booking your London theatre tickets days, weeks, or even months in advance.
  • Great seats: Booking your tickets online in advance means that you get to pick seats of your choice and get some of the best views of the stage.
  • Great discounts: While booking your London theatre tickets online, it is highly likely that you come across attractive discounts that will help you score tickets at a reduced rate.
  • Instant booking confirmation: london-theatre-tickets.com gets you instant booking confirmation for a completely hassle-free booking experience.

Frequently asked questions about London theatre tickets

What is the best way to buy London theatre tickets?

The best way to buy London theatre tickets is to book them online.

How much do London theatre tickets generally cost?

London theatre tickets generally range from around £18 to £120, depending on the show and the seats you choose.

Where can I find last-minute London theatre tickets?

If you are looking for last-minute London theatre tickets, we recommend looking online. You can easily book London theatre show tickets with us.

Are London theatre tickets cheaper online or at the box office?

London theatre tickets are cheaper online than at the box office. If you buy your tickets online, you also get great deals and offers that aren’t otherwise available at the box office.

Where can I buy discounted London theatre tickets?

The easiest way to buy discounted London theatre tickets is online.

Can I exchange or refund my London theatre tickets?

We recommend buying your tickets online in advance with us. This way, you avoid losing out since tickets once purchased cannot be cancelled, amended, or refunded.

What kinds of payments are accepted to buy London theatre show tickets?

All forms of debit and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, and JCB can be used to purchase London theatre tickets with us.

Where is West End located?

The West End is located in a region in Central London, north of the River Thames. The district is home to several major entertainment venues, theatres, shops and businesses.

What is the average length of a London theatre show?

The average run time of a London theatre show ranges from 2 hours to 2 hours 45 minutes.

What are the general London theatre showtimes?

Most evening performances of London theatre shows begin around 7:30 PM. Most theatres are also closed on either Sundays or Mondays.

Which are the best seats for a London theatre show?

The seats in the Stalls section are the closest to the stage. This closeness makes these the most coveted and expensive seats in the house. The middle section of the Dress Circle also has great views of the stage.

Which is the biggest West End theatre in London?

The Apollo Victoria Theatre is the largest West End theatre in London. The theatre can accommodate 2384 guests at a time.

Can I gift London theatre tickets to a friend?

Yes, you can gift London theatre tickets to a friend by booking them online with us. All you need to do is enter their details on the payment page and the ticket will be registered in their name.

Is there a dress code for West End?

There is no official dress code to attend a show at the West End. Many theatregoers wear jeans and T-shirts to shows. However, you might want to dress up in smart casuals or formals to avoid standing out in a crowd.

Where can I find tickets for the latest West End shows?

If you are planning to buy tickets for the latest London theatre shows you can find them right here.

Is there an age restriction for children to watch a London theatre show?

Generally, children under 16 are not allowed to attend West End theatres without adult supervision. Many theatres do not allow children under the age of 5 to enter any show. However, most London theatre shows have individual recommended age limits depending on the show’s subject matter.

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