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Phoenix Theatre Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

Explore the Phoenix Theatre seating plan guide to discover the ideal seats that provide excellent views and offer great value for your investment. Access real-time seat availability and select the best choices for a remarkable experience at the Phoenix Theatre.

Navigating the Phoenix Theatre Seating Plan

Phoenix Theatre Seating Plan image

What are the Sections Available in Phoenix Theatre?

Phoenix Theatre Stalls


Situated closest to the stage, this section provides some of the most exceptional views in the auditorium. There are 19 rows from A to S and the layout follows a conventional design.

A central aisle divides the section into two halves. Unlike many other theaters, the rows in this section are straight, not curved, offering an unobstructed view with only a slight angle.

However, similar to most Stalls sections, those in the initial rows may need to look up at the stage due to their proximity. This issue diminishes from Row C onwards.

Phoenix Theatre Dress Circle

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle, the second largest section of the theater, shares a layout similar to the Stalls, featuring a central aisle that divides it into two parts. It consists of 10 rows from A to K. Positioned above the Stalls, the Dress Circle offers a comprehensive view of the stage.

Optimal views are found towards the center of the rows, while seats towards the ends provide additional legroom. Overall, the Dress Circle maintains a close proximity to the stage, ensuring even the rear rows offer commendable views.

Phoenix Theatre Grand Circle

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle, located farthest from the stage, offers the most economical ticket options. Spanning 9 rows from A to J, it is the smallest section in the theater, adopting the same layout as the other two sections. Despite its distance, the Grand Circle provides surprisingly good views of the stage due to the theater's size. However, the rear rows may have a downward perspective of the stage. The initial rows may experience slight obstruction from railings and lighting rigs, but this is resolved from Row C onwards. If you're seeking a budget-friendly option, the Grand Circle is an excellent choice.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the Phoenix Theatre?

Phoenix Theatre
  • The Phoenix Theatre is relatively small, ensuring that all seats offer a decent view of the stage.
  • In the Stalls, middle rows (particularly from Row C to Row F) offer breathtaking views without being too far or too close to the action.
  • For the Dress Circle, prioritize seats towards the center of the rows for optimal views, avoid the sides due to less favorable perspectives.
  • Highly recommended seats in the Dress Circle, based on audience feedback, include A15-A24, B9-B14, and D14-D16.
  • In the Grand Circle, it's advisable to steer clear of the first two rows as views may be slightly obstructed and instead  aim for seats in the middle of the rows for the best viewing experience.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in the Phoenix Theatre?

For a budget-friendly yet enjoyable time at the theatre, choose seats that strike a balance between affordability and excellent views.

Phoenix Theatre

30-Seconds Takeaway: Phoenix Theatre Seating Plan

Phoenix Theatre

Accessible Seating in Phoenix Theatre

Phoenix Theatre
  • Patrons with limited mobility or requiring stair-free access can opt for Dress Circle Row A, which offers level access from Flitcroft Street. A28 is a fixed seat at the end of the row, providing a no-stairs option for transfers.
  •  Extra legroom can be found in Row A of the Dress Circle if needed.
  • The Grand Circle and Stalls section is not recommended for individuals with limited mobility.
  • For patrons who require special accommodations or wish to book wheelchair-accessible spaces, it is strongly recommended to make advance arrangements.
  • The accessible restroom, located in the Royal Room on the Dress Circle level, can be reached without encountering any steps from the accessible entrance on Flitcroft Street, Box C, or Row A of the Dress Circle.
  • Assistance animals are warmly welcomed at the theatre. Theatre staff are available to care for your dog during the performance.
  • A trained access host is available to assist patrons with disabilities or access needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoenix Theatre Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in Phoenix Theatre?

The best seats in Phoenix Theatre are any seats in the middle of Rows C-H of the Stalls Section and seats in the middle of Rows A-C in the Dress Circle.

How many sections does the Phoenix Theatre have?

The Phoenix Theatre has 3 sections, the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle.

What is the seating capacity of the Phoenix Theatre?

The Phoenix Theatre has a seating capacity of approximately 1,028 seats, distributed across different sections, 490 in the Stalls, 284 in the Dress Circle and 254 in the Grand Circle.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in the Phoenix Theatre?

The seats with the best view of the stage are the middle seats in Rows C-F of the Stalls, seats 6-23 in Rows A-C of the Dress Circle and seats 7- 21 in Rows C-E of the Grand Circle. 

Which seats in the Phoenix Theatre provide value for money?

Seats 6-23 Rows F-L of the Stalls, seats 6-22 in Rows C-F in the Dress Circle and seats 6-23 in Rows A-E of the Grand Circle.

What is the Stalls section in the Phoenix Theatre?

The Stalls section in the Phoenix Theatre is the lower level of seating closest to the stage.

What is the Dress Circle section in the Phoenix Theatre?

The Dress Circle section in the Phoenix Theatre is the elevated seating area above the Stalls, offering a raised view of the stage.

What is the Grand Circle section in the Phoenix Theatre?

The Grand Circle section in the Phoenix Theatre is the highest level of seating, located above both the Stalls and Dress Circle, providing a bird's-eye view of the stage.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility in the Phoenix Theatre?

The Dress Circle section in the Phoenix Theatre has wheelchair accessibility, including a step- free entrance, accessible toilet and designated wheelchair spaces.