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In London, the West End offers the world's richest blend of entertainment. It is internationally known for its theatre and welcomes millions of theatregoers each year. It's not simply the blockbuster shows that attract large numbers of spectators, in addition to excellent musicals, star-studded plays, tear-jerker romantic shows, and belly-aching comedies, London opera rates among the finest all over the world.

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What are London Operas?

Madama Butterfly

A trip to the city would not be complete without a visit to a London opera. An evening at the London opera is unequaled in terms of spectacular performances, stunning sets, beloved stories, and famous scores.

London operas are internationally recognized and renowned, with major companies and world-class theatres - including the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and the London Coliseum. There's something for everyone in London operas from Mozart and Verdi, as well as new works written especially for the West End.

What Makes London Operas Special?


Operatic stories are picturesque. Filled with raw emotion and exceptional performances, the experience of watching London operas live is compelling and unforgettable.

London opera - and all operas in general - is characterised by dramatic music that produces climactic moments by building up the emotional tension. London opera also depicts melodrama, often portraying stories of hate, jealousy, eternal love, violence, and death. Opera's most significant moments are an accurate representation of humanity's many topics: anger, joy, love, life and death. Opera also puts heavy emphasis on the usage of human voice as the best mode to convey human emotion, making each and every performance truly unique and breathtaking.

Where Can I See London Operas?

Royal Opera House

Frequently Asked Questions About London Opera

Q. Which London operas are playing this year?

A. Numerous London operas are set to grace the stage this year. Find all the information on the top London operas right here.

Q. How do I buy tickets for London opera?

A. The best way to buy London opera tickets is to book them online for a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Q. Can I buy London opera tickets online?

A. Yes, you can buy London opera tickets online. Not only do you get to book London opera tickets from the convenience of your home but you may also get some exciting offers and discounts on your purchase when you book your tickets online.

Q. How to choose the right seats for London operas?

A. The middle stalls provide the best viewing and musical experience for operas, especially the seats of the center orchestra or right in the center of the house. Operas take up the entire stage, and hence the location of your seats directly impacts your experience for the night.

Q. Which are the most popular London opera houses?

A. The two most popular London opera houses are the London Coliseum and the Royal Opera House. Other London opera houses include Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Linbury Theatre, Sadler's Wells Theatre, and Buxton Opera House.

Q. Is there any dress code for London operas?

A. There is no strict dress code for London opera houses. However, it is always advisable to dress in semi formal attire or smart casuals to not feel out of place.

Q. How long are London opera performances?

A. While there is no strict duration for all London opera shows, generally, London opera performances can last anywhere between 1 hour to even 5 hours depending on the show you pick.