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The evolution of Hamilton from mixtape to masterpiece


Hamilton has captured the hearts of critics and audiences both in West End and Broadway. Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, with a twist: through hip-hop. 

The idea

The origins of Hamilton can be traced back to Lin-Manuel Miranda's serendipitous encounter with Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton. Inspired by the Founding Father's life, Miranda envisioned the potential to narrate his story through a contemporary, hip-hop-infused musical lens. During a vacation in 2008, Miranda stumbled upon Chernow's biography, captivated by the parallels between Hamilton's ambition and the drive of modern hip-hop artists.

The birth of Hamilton

Initially conceived as the Hamilton Mixtape, Miranda composed songs portraying Hamilton's life through a hip-hop perspective, integrating diverse musical genres to create a distinctive sound. The musical underwent extensive development, marked by significant milestones such as a performance at the White House and a workshop at the Vassar Reading Festival, contributing to its evolution into the final, polished form.

Broadway debut

Hamilton made its Off-Broadway debut at the Public Theater in February 2015, garnering critical acclaim and setting the stage for its Broadway transfer. The Richard Rodgers Theatre witnessed its official Broadway opening on August 6, 2015. It received widespread positive reviews and achieved remarkable box office success. At the 70th Tony Awards, Hamilton made history with 16 nominations and 11 wins, including Best Musical.

West End transfer

The West End production graced the Victoria Palace Theatre in London on December 21, 2017, following previews from December 6. Bringing the revolutionary story to a new audience, the London production earned seven Olivier Awards in 2018, including the prestigious Best New Musical accolade.

From its inception to the cross-continental journey from Broadway to the West End, Hamilton has enraptured global audiences with its unparalleled fusion of hip-hop and traditional musical theatre storytelling. The musical's triumph is a testament to the potency of inventive storytelling and the enduring allure of its characters and music. Grab your Hamilton tickets using the Victoria Palace Theatre seating plan today!

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