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Hamilton's top musical hits: The best tunes in the West End production


Hamilton's soundtrack has gotten everyone bopping their heads. But what makes it so unique? The fantastic lyrics and innovative integration of hip-hop on the West End stage are revolutionary. With a diverse cast of colour, it highlights the real foundations of Modern America. No wonder Hamilton on the Victoria Palace Theatre stage is quickly becoming a West End staple. So here are the top five songs of the beloved musical. 

Alexander Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Alexander Hamilton serves as a powerhouse opening for Hamilton, cleverly blending historical exposition with catchy rhythms. With stylish delivery and promises of a compelling narrative, the song captures the audience's attention. It not only introduces characters and the plot but also sets a high-energy tone.

You'll Be Back

A breath of fresh air, You'll Be Back adds a beautiful pause to the high-paced Hamilton soundtrack. Stripped of elaborate choreography, his impeccably dressed presence and captivating singing make him the unexpected star of the show. Despite appearing only a few times, his first song encapsulates a controlling and manipulative relationship with America, delivered with an outlandishly enjoyable performance that leaves a lasting impression.


Angelica Schuyler's unbreakable bond with her sister Eliza takes centre stage in the poignant Satisfied. Entranced by Hamilton, Angelica sacrifices her feelings to ensure Eliza's happiness, showcasing a love for her sister that surpasses her affection for Hamilton. The song portrays various emotions, from joy for Eliza to a melancholic acknowledgement of losing Hamilton. 

Aaron Burr, Sir

Aaron Burr, Sir soulfully captures the gravity of the initial encounter between Hamilton and Burr. Seeking advice, Hamilton is surprised when Burr advises him to "talk less" and stay neutral. This moment marks the beginning of a tumultuous friendship and rivalry, highlighting the contrasting ideologies that will shape their interactions throughout the musical.

The Schuyler Sisters

The Schuyler Sisters is the epitome of a stellar musical theatre track. As we're introduced to Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy, the song is a smash hit from start to finish, showcasing the unbreakable bond of the sisters, who, in the face of Revolution, exemplify their hardworking, loving, and supportive nature.

Some honourable mentions

My Shot, Wait For It, Guns and Ships, Non-Stop and The Room Where It Happens. Not only does its dynamic musicality make the soundtrack incredible, but it also breaks all notions of how a historical story can be told. Watch Hamilton and book your seats using the Victoria Palace Theatre seating plan today!

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