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Theatre Royal Haymarket seating plan, West End, London

Looking to get the best out of your experience? Check out our Theatre Royal Haymarket seating plan and get real-time seat availability, pricing, and insider tips on the best seats.

Value for money seats

  • Stalls: Consider seats 1-4 in Rows D to F. These seats offer a great balance of affordability and decent sightlines, making them a perfect choice for budget-conscious theatregoers.
  • Royal Circle: Seats 1-4 in Rows D to F in the Royal Circle offer a more elevated perspective at an attractive price point.
  • Upper Circle: Corner seats in rows A-F and the whole of Row G, offer good value for money seats.
  • Gallery: Seats in rows B-G.

Best views of the stage

  • Stalls: Aim for seats in Rows E to J for an immersive experience and the closest view of the stage in the Stalls. These prime centre seats offer an unobstructed view.
  • Royal Circle: If you prefer a slightly elevated vantage point with excellent sightlines, the Royal Circle's Rows A to C are your best bet.
  • Upper Circle: The center seats in rows A-G offer great views of the stage.
  • Gallery: The first row of the Gallery is your best bet.

Sections available in Theatre Royal Haymarket

Theatre Royal Haymarket Stalls


  • 357 seats
  • Rows A-X

  • This deep, raked section offers clear sightlines with minimal obstructions because of the absence of a centre aisle. While the rake ensures good visibility for most, it can be less effective towards the very back.
  • For intimate views, consider grabbing the potentially discounted seats in Row A, though be prepared to crane your neck a bit due to stage height.
  • In general, aim for seats closer to the centre for the best perspective, avoiding the ends of rows G-M with their more limited side views.
  • The Royal Circle overhang starts mid-section but thankfully doesn't impact sightlines, even from the backmost rows (W & X). Legroom is comfortable throughout, with premium-priced seats starting from Row K.
Theatre Royal Haymarket Royal Circle

Royal Circle

  • 215 seats
  • Rows A-H

  • This horseshoe-shaped section wraps around the stage, offering a good overall view thanks to its tiered seating. The best, unobstructed seats are in Rows A-C and often provide better value compared to similarly priced Stalls seats.
  • Just keep in mind that the side blocks (depending on the production) can have some limitations for seats at the very ends of the rows due to the theatre's layout.
  • If you see a discounted seat in Row A, numbers 1-2 or 30-31, it likely has a side view – great for a budget pick, but be aware of the limited perspective.
Theatre Royal Haymarket Upper Circle

Upper Circle

  • 186 seats
  • Rows A-G

  • The Upper Circle is a curved section. It has a good view for most, but watch out for some seats with limited sightlines, especially on the sides.
  • The steep rake ensures a clear view over those in front of you, and the central block offers the best overall experience (but avoid the very front row due to potential equipment obstructions).
  • Steer clear of discounted seats at the ends of rows A-F, as these have the worst restrictions and might not be worth the savings – you might be better off in some front Gallery seats for the same price!
Theatre Royal Haymarket Gallery


  • 131 seats
  • Rows A-G

  • The Gallery offers the most affordable option but be prepared for a bird's-eye view. Rows are head-on, so you'll have a clear view from the sides (especially the ends).
  • Skip the cramped first row for legroom, and aim for the second or third rows for the best value – the view might be distant, but it's a great way to see a show without breaking the bank!

Accessible seating in Theatre Royal Haymarket

Accessible Seating in Theatre Royal Haymarket
  • Stalls: Easy access! Reach them with just 30 steps (highlighted) or use the accessible side entrance with a lift (wheelchair spaces & transfers available). Bonus: extra legroom in Boxes & select seats!
  • Royal Circle: Getting comfy! Accessible via 24 highlighted steps. Score extra legroom in aisle seats and the centre block.
  • Upper Circle: Heads up! This section is reached by 57 steps (highlighted) and has limited legroom. It might not be ideal for those with mobility limitations.
  • Gallery: Budgeting for a view? This is the most affordable option, but keep in mind it's the highest section (60+ highlighted steps) with very limited legroom. It might be challenging for patrons with mobility limitations.

Frequently asked questions about Theatre Royal Haymarket seating plan

Where are the best seats in Theatre Royal Haymarket?

Aim for centre seats in the Stalls (E-J) for an immersive experience closest to the stage. Alternatively, the front row of the Royal Circle (A-C) offers a great overall view.

Which section of Theatre Royal Haymarket has wheelchair accessibility?

The Stalls have designated wheelchair spaces at the rear. Access is possible via the side entrance with a lift, or through the main entrance with some steps (staff can assist).

Which seats in Theatre Royal Haymarket provide value for money?

For budget-friendly options with a decent view, try the ends of rows (1-4) in the Stalls (D-F) or Royal Circle (D-F). Remember, these might have slightly limited sightlines compared to more central seats.