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Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

The Shaftesbury Theatre is a popular venue for musicals and plays in London. With a seating capacity of around 1,400, it is important to choose the right seats to get the best view and value for money. This guide will provide you with information on the best seats in the theatre, as well as tips on how to get the best value for your tickets.

Navigating the Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan

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Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan image

What are the Sections Available in Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan?

Shaftesbury Theatre Stalls Seating Plan


The Shaftesbury Theatre Stalls section is the largest section of the theatre, with a capacity of 750 seats. The majority of the seats in the Stalls offer excellent views of the stage, with a gentle rake that allows you to see past those in front. The best seats in the Stalls are located centrally, between seats 12-24 in rows B-K. These seats offer a clear, panoramic view of the entire stage. If you are looking for seats with extra legroom, you may want to consider aisle seats or seats in Row M.

Shaftesbury Theatre Royal Circle Seating Plan

Royal Circle

Situated on the second level of the Shaftesbury Theatre, the Royal Circle section offers 398 seats. Its central focus lies on rows A-F, seats 10-26, providing an unobstructed view of the entire stage.

For those seeking extra legroom, seats at the ends of Row H and J are available. However, it's important to exercise caution when considering rows L-N due to the impact of the Grand Circle overhang on views. As a result, Row N is often discounted for this reason.

Shaftesbury Theatre Grand Circle Seating Plan

Grand Circle

Situated at the highest level, the Grand Circle section at the Shaftesbury Theatre offers a unique perspective, providing a sense of distance from the stage. To ensure an optimal view, consider selecting seats in the front rows, particularly seats 14-24. Despite slightly limited legroom, this choice guarantees an enjoyable experience.

It's important to note that views towards the back may be compromised due to the upper section of the theatre obstructing a portion of the upstage area.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in Shaftesbury Theatre?

Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan
  • Stalls: Seats in the center of the stalls (rows D-H, seats 10-26) offer the best view, as they are not obstructed by pillars or other objects.
  • Grand Circle: Seats on the side of the Grand Circle (rows F-L, seats 14-24) offer a good view of the stage, even though they are slightly further away.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in Shaftesbury Theatre?

When working within a tight budget, but still seeking an excellent experience, it's essential to be strategic about your seat choice. Look for seats that offer a blend of affordability and good views, enabling you to relish the event without overspending.

Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan

30-Seconds Takeaway: Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan

Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan

Accessible Seating in Shaftesbury Theatre

Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan
  • Installation of lifts providing access to The 1911 Bar and Stalls seating.
  • Step-free access throughout the entire Stalls level, including toilet facilities.
  • Availability of eight wheelchair-accessible seats in the Stalls.
  • Limited designated seats for those with mobility needs in the Royal Circle.
  • Wheelchair transfer options to aisle seats in the Stalls, and potentially, low number seats at the front of the Royal Circle for those who can manage a small number of steps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in Shaftesbury Theatre?

The best seats in Shaftesbury Theatre are central seats in the Stalls and Royal Circle. They often offer unobstructed views of the stage for an immersive experience.

What is the seating capacity of the Shaftesbury Theatre according to the Shaftesbury Theatre seating plan?

The Shaftesbury Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,411.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in Shaftesbury Theatre?

The best seats in the Shaftesbury Theatre for views of the stage are in the center of the Stalls, rows D-H, seats 10-26. These seats offer the best views of the entire stage. The front rows of the Royal Circle also offer great views, particularly in rows A-D, seats 12-24.

Which seats in the Shaftesbury Theatre seating plan provide value for money?

The Shaftesbury Theatre has three levels of seating: Stalls, Royal Circle, and Grand Circle. The Stalls are the lowest level of seating and offer the best views of the stage, but they can be more expensive. The Royal Circle is the middle level of seating and is a good option for those who want a good view without paying as much for the Stalls. The Grand Circle is the highest level of seating and is the most affordable option.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility in the Shaftesbury Theatre seating plan?

Both the Stalls and the Royal Circle sections offer wheelchair accessibility in the Shaftesbury Theatre seating plan.