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Lyric Theatre Seating Plan: The Best Seats for Your Money

The Lyric Theatre is a large and imposing venue, with a capacity of over 991 people. It is home to a variety of productions, from musicals to plays to operas. With so many seats to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to sit.

Navigating the Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

Lyric Theatre Seating Plan image

What are the Sections Available in Lyric Theatre Seating Plan?

Lyric Theatre Stalls Seating Plan


This is the closest section to the stage and hence offers the best views. It is hexagonal in shape and has 427 seats spread across 17 Rows, from AA to R. The seats towards the middle of the section are longer, whilst the ones in the front and rear are much shorter.

Lyric Theatre Royal Circle Seating Plan

Dress Circle

This section is just above the Stalls and below the Upper Circle. It has 148 seats spread across 8 Rows, from A to H. The first four Rows (A-D) follow the curve of the balcony, so the seats towards the ends of these Rows look at the stage at a slight angle and not directly at it. However, the seats towards the centre of these Rows offer comprehensive and unobstructed views of the stage.

Lyric Theatre Grand Circle Seating Plan

Upper Circle

This is the second tier of the auditorium and is at quite a height. It has 178 seats spread across 7 Rows. Unlike the other sections, there are two vertical aisles running down the Upper Circle, splitting it into 3 subsections. Row A, or the first row, in this section is very long and follows a curve, offering side views of the stage to the viewers sitting on either end of the row.

Lyric Theatre


This is the highest section of the theatre and can hold 205 people. It is divided into three blocks of seats, of which the front section offers the best view and value for money. The legroom offered here is quite tight, however, there are no pillars or obstructions to block your view.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the Lyric Theatre?

Lyric Theatre
  • Stalls: The best seats in the Stalls section are in Rows D-L. These seats offer a close-up view of the stage without being too close, so you don't have to crane your neck to see the action. There are no pillars to obstruct the view in these Rows.
  • Dress Circle: The best seats in the Dress Circle are in the first couple of Rows. These seats offer a slightly elevated view of the stage, which can be helpful for seeing the details of the performance. The seats in the middle of the row also offer the best views, as the Rows curve and the views from the seats on the side can be obstructed.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in the Lyric Theatre?

Lyric Theatre

30-Seconds Takeaway: Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

Lyric Theatre

Accessible Seating in Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre
  • Stalls: 24 steps down, not recommended for limited mobility, extra legroom in D1, D20, E1 and E24.
  • Dress Circle: Level access from the foyer, step-free from the street, wheelchair spaces in Boxes C, D and E, extra legroom in Boxes, aisle seats and first row.
  • Grand Circle: 25 steps up, not suitable for limited mobility, very limited legroom.
  • Balcony: 60 steps up, not suitable for limited mobility, steep and narrow, extremely limited legroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

How many sections does Lyric Theatre have?

Lyric Theatre is spread across 3 sections - Stalls, Upper Circle, Balcony and Dress Circle.

Which seats offer the best view of the stage in the Lyric Theatre seating plan?

In the Stalls section, seats in the Rows D-L offer the best and most complete views of the stage. The Dress Circle also provides great views of the stage provided you get seats in the first couple of Rows and in the middle of the row.

Which seat offers the best value for money in the Lyric Theatre seating plan?

In the Stalls, the seats towards the rear of the section (between Rows N-R) are priced cheaper than the other ones in the same section and offer decent views to patrons. Similarly in the Dress Circle, seats in the last few Rows (Rows F-H) are relatively cheaper and also ensure complete views of the stage.

What is the Stalls section in the Lyric Theatre seating plan?

If you are looking for seats with the best views, look no further. They are the closest to the stage and provide a great view. However, make sure that you avoid the front boxes since they give a very angled view.

What is the Dress Circle in Lyric Theatre seating plan?

The Dress Circle is the smallest section of the theatre and has Rows starting from A till H. According to most critics and audience reviews, the seats in this section, particularly the ones in the middle and front, offer the best views of the stage, some even better than the Stalls.

What is the Upper Circle in Lyric Theatre seating plan?

This is the highest section of the theatre and the furthest away from the stage, and hence the cheapest. With Rows starting from A till M, this section is bigger than the Dress Circle but smaller than the Stalls.