The Garrick Theatre is named after the English actor, theatre manager, playwright, and producer David Garrick, who had a significant impact on European theatre practice throughout the 18th century. The Garrick is also one of the first West End theatres to be named after an actor. Located on Charing Cross Road, the theatre first opened its gates to the public in the year 1889 with the Arthur Wing Pinero play - ‘The Profligate.’ After more than 30 years of its first screening, the Garrick Theatre screens some of the finest plays today, including Bonnie & Clyde, Orlando, and Mind Mangler.

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  • The Garrick Theatre has a total of 735 seats.
  • The seating is divided into three different sections - Stalls with 475 seats, Dress Circle with 136 seats and Grand Circle with 124 seats.
  • The stalls have three sections with an aisle running through each section for easy access to seats.
  • The row of seats gets wider as you move away from the stage.
  • To avoid dimly lit areas and pillars (located in the middle of rows S and N) in the back seats of the stalls, it is advisable to book seats in a more central location.

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  • Train: The Garrick Theatre is just a 5 min walk away from the Charring Cross station.
  • Tube: The Leicester Square Tube Station is just a 2 min walk away from the Garrick Theatre.
  • Bus: The bus routes that pass through the theatre are -
    Charring Cross Road - 24, 29, and 176 (5 mins walk)
    Trafalgar Square - 3,6,9,11, 12, 23, 24, 87,88, 91, 139, and 453 (10 mins walk)
  • Car: You can also take other modes of transport including taxis. Since Garrick Theatre is within London’s Congestion Charge Zone a daily fee of £11.50 will be charged if you travel between 7 am to 6 pm.
  • Parking: The closest car parks are 10 mins away i.e. Trafalgar Square and Chinatown Car park. The cost of parking tickets here is £22 for 3 hours and 29 euros for 4 hours. Since the theatre is part of the Q-Park Theatreland Scheme, you may get your parking ticket validated from the Box Office with a 50% off.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garrick Theatre

Where is Garrick Theatre located?

The Garrick Theatre is located on Charring Cross Road, near Leicester Square in London’s West End.

How can I reach Garrick Theatre?

You can reach Garrick Theatre by bus, train, tube, taxi, or private car.

What are the different types of shows and productions that are staged at the Garrick Theatre?

Garrick Theatre has had many kinds of live entertainment shows staged. Some past productions include A Pair of Spectacles, No Sex Please, We’re British, Water Babies and more.

What are the seating options available at Garrick Theatre?

The Garrick Theatre seating options are divided into three different sections - Stalls with 475 seats, Dress Circle with 136 seats and Grand Circle with 124 seats.

Is Garrick Theatre accessible to people with disabilities?

The Garrick Theatre offers accessible seating for those with disabilities and has many accessibility features, such as accessible performances, hearing assistance, ramps, and others available to make the experience enjoyable for all visitors.

How much do the Garrick Theatre tickets cost?

The price of the tickets depends on the show that you choose to watch and the timing of the same at the Garrick Theatre.

Where can I book my Garrick Theatre tickets?

You can book your tickets to shows playing at the Garrick Theatre online at London Theatre Tickets. You will get the best deals and discounts and all the information you need at your fingertips.

Are there any dining options available near Garrick Theatre?

Yes. Several diverse dining options are available near Garrick Theatre. The Bella Italia, Prezzo and others are popular restaurants around the theatre.

What are some of the things to do or attractions to explore near the Garrick Theatre?

Garrick Theatre is located at a very convenient place in London and is close to numerous tourist spots including Leicester Square, National Gallery, Covent Garden, Soho and more.

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