The first theatre founded by former directors of the National Theatre in London, Bridge Theatre is a flexible and immersive theatre experience, spearheading the production of the newest shows and celebrating the classics. With celebrity cast features like Maggie Smith and Ralph Fiennes, revamping of classic shows like Julius Caesar, Guys and Dolls, and A Christmas Carol, and bar service, enjoy the performances by the London Theatre Company in the comfort of this space.

900 Seats

Wheelchair Accessible

Accessible Toilets


Air Conditioning

Assistive Listening System

Security Check

Guide Dogs

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Guys & Dolls

Guys & Dolls


About Bridge Theatre

Seating Plan
Popular Productions
  • The Bridge Theatre can seat 900+ audience members, based on the play being performed.
  • The end-on theatre format can seat 950 people, the promenade format can hold 1075 people, seated and standing, while 900 people can be seated in the thrust stage format.
  • This is distributed at 4 levels, across the floor, and gallery seats.
  • Standing/stage seats are the most immersive and cost the least, followed by stall seats, and gallery seats with views of the entire auditorium space.

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Know Before You Go

Getting There
Tips & Guidelines
Nearby Restaurants

  • Tube: Get down at the Unicorn Theatre - Stop J, for a 3-minute walk towards the Theatre.
  • Bus: Get off the bus at the Tower Bridge/City Hall stop, for a 3-minute walk towards the Theatre.
  • Parking: While the Theatre does not have parking, The Circle Park is an underground car park that’s a short walk away. Parking spots need to be pre-booked and are available at hourly/daily rates.
  • Recommended Mode of Transport: It is best to take the bus/tube and walk to reach the Bridge Theatre, considering the location of the space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridge Theatre

Where is Bridge Theatre located?

The Bridge Theatre is located between City Hall and Tower Bridge, at 3 Potters Fields Park, London, SE1 2SG, and can be easily reached by bus/subway.

How can I reach Bridge Theatre?

You can reach Bridge Theatre by bus, train, tube, taxi, or private car.

What are the different types of shows and productions that are staged at the Bridge Theatre?

Bridge Theatre has had many kinds of live entertainment shows staged, especially new and experimental work. Some past productions include Young Marx, A German Life, A Christmas Carol and more.

What are the seating options available at Bridge Theatre?

The Bridge Theatre’s seating options differ based on the seating formation opted for the show - there are standing spaces, Stall seats, and 2 levels of gallery seats in this 900+ seating theatre.

Is Bridge Theatre accessible to people with disabilities?

The Bridge Theatre offers accessible seating for those with disabilities and has many accessibility features, such as accessible performances, adapted toilets and guide dog allowance available to make the experience enjoyable for all visitors.

How much do the Bridge Theatre tickets cost?

The price of the tickets depends on the show that you choose to watch and the timing of the same at the Bridge Theatre.

Where can I book my Bridge Theatre tickets?

You can book your tickets to shows playing at the Bridge Theatre online at London Theatre Tickets. You will get the best deals and discounts and all the information you need at your fingertips.

Are there any dining options available near Bridge Theatre?

Yes. Several diverse dining options are available near Bridge Theatre. The Coal Shed, 1751, The Real Greek and others are popular restaurants around the theatre.

What are some of the things to do or attractions to explore near the Bridge Theatre?

Bridge Theatre is located at a very convenient place in London and is close to numerous tourist spots including Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, City Hall, Potters Fields Park and more.