Apollo Victoria Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

The Apollo Victoria Theatre stands proudly as one of London's grandest and most sought-after venues. Within its elegant walls, a tapestry of seating possibilities awaits, catering to diverse budgets and discerning palates. Whether you're looking for the best views, the best seats for the money, or something in between, you're sure to find the perfect spot for your next show.

What are the Sections Available in Apollo Victoria Theatre?


This is the main section of the theatre and extends to over 30 rows, each with 50 seats in its widest part. The Stalls are divided into 7 large sections: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. The best seats here are located in the middle of the auditorium, so be sure to pick out these seats for a great experience!


This section seats nearly 1000 people, and can be divided into a front, middle and rear section. The front five rows of this section provide some of the best views in the whole theatre. The further back from the stage you go, the cheaper the price becomes, but the view isn't as great.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the Apollo Victoria?

  • There is a sweet spot in the middle of the Stalls for anyone who wants unobstructed views of the show. Seats in the first two Rows (F and K) of the theatre usually provide the best views, enabling you to take in the spectacular scenery and special effects and feel like you're part of the action.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in Apollo Victoria?

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Accessible Seating in Apollo Victoria

  • The Apollo Victoria entrance is on Wilton Road, near Victoria Station. The main entryway is 4 steps from the street level. The Vauxhall Bridge Road entry is another option. Accessible toilets and foyer facilities are accessible via a wheelchair lift. The elevator leads to the Circle. Maximum weight is 200kg, 29"x33".
  • A dedicated Access Host is available at the Apollo Victoria upon request to help clients.
  • Handrails go down 29 stairs (3 flights) from the entrance to the Stalls. The Stalls Auditorium has a small incline but no stairs. No customer lifts access to the Stalls. This area is not for the disabled.
  • The Circle's front has 13 steps (1 flight) with railings. There's also a wheelchair elevator from the lobby to the Circle's entrance. This level accesses Row F's 4 wheelchair and transfer seats. The Circle has transfer seats.
  • There are 14 stairs between Row F to Row A. The mid-rear of the Circle is reached via 37 stairs, including 25 (4 flights) to the Circle bar and 12 more to the auditorium. Handrails are on all stairs. Once entering the theatre, the stairs to the seats lack railings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apollo Victoria Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in Apollo Victoria?

The best seats in the house are at the Centre of the stalls rows F-K generally offer great views

How many sections does the Apollo Victoria have?

Apollo Victoria Theatre is spread across 2 sections - Stalls and Circle.

What is the seating capacity of the Apollo Victoria?

There are 2,328 seats available in the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in the Apollo Victoria?

The Circle offers a variety of different ticket prices, with front-centre seats providing the best view. Good value tickets can be found in the rear of the Circle, still offering a great overall view of the stage. Row F in the circle is the most ideal seating location for customers with limited mobility.

Which seats in the Apollo Victoria provide value for money?

The first three rows of the Circle and the last four rows of the Stalls will also provide decent views at decent prices.

What is the Stalls section in Apollo Victoria?

If you are looking for seats with the best views, look no further. They are the closest to the stage and provide a great view. However, make sure that you avoid the front boxes since they give a very angled view.

What is the Circle section in Apollo Victoria?

The Circle will provide you with a decent view of the stage, at great prices though it is a little far away from the stage and the centre of action.