London Theatre TicketsPantomimesSleeping Beauty Takes A PrickSteamy Spectacle ‘Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick!’ in London's West End from Nov 2023

Steamy Spectacle ‘Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick!’ in London's West End from Nov 2023


Experience the epitome of seductive entertainment, Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick!, at London's Charing Cross Theatre in November, 2023. 

Prepare for an alluring journey to the captivating kingdom of Slutvia, where a grand 21st birthday ball is about to unfold. Queen Gertrude, a captivating yet lustful monarch, finds herself in search of a new suitor following the loss of her beloved. Meanwhile, her son, Prince Beauty, embarks on a quest to find his perfect man. Little do they know that their desires will take them on an unexpected adventure when Prince Beauty encounters a prickly surprise in the palace garden, awakening to a modern world where historic palaces are preserved by the National Trust, and the quest for a perfect partner hides behind anonymous Grindr profiles.

Penned by the creative minds behind the renowned Above the Stag, this production features razor-sharp wit, sensational musical numbers, and vibrant sets. Under the expert guidance of director Andrew Beckett and the talented penmanship of Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper, Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick! boasts a captivating book complemented by original songs penned by Jon Bradfield. 

The production is brought to life by producer Oli Sones, and the formidable Matthew Baldwin takes the stage as the fierce and fabulous Queen Gertrude. While the complete cast lineup is yet to be unveiled, rest assured that the talented ensemble will elevate this steamy and sensational celebration to new heights.

Whether you're a fan of pantomimes, a lover of queer celebrations, or simply seeking an unforgettable night of entertainment, Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick! is the ultimate treat for the adventurous and daring.

Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick

Sleeping Beauty Takes A Prick

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