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My Neighbour Totoro full cast list announced for Barbican Theatre


The London's Barbican Theatre will host the stage adaptation of Studio Ghibli's beloved movie My Neighbor Totoro once again. The entire cast for the second run has been revealed, promising a captivating, magical adventure.


A number of the actors are returning from the first production, including Mei Mac, who plays Mei Kusakabe in the role for which she was nominated for an Olivier and a What's on Stage Award. Satsuki's older sister Ami Okumura Jones, Tatsuo's brother Dai Tabuchi, and Granny Jacqueline Tate all make a comeback. Members of the Kazego Puppetry group include Boaz Chad, Jasmine Chiu, Andrew Futaishi, Matthew Leonhart, Arina Ii, Yojiro Ichikawa, Si Rawlinson, Mark Takeshi Ota, and Shaofan Wilson.

The show will also star some fresh faces like Jessie Baek, Jasmine Bayes, Ka Long Kelvin Chan, Elizabeth Chu, Anna Kato, Heather Lai, Amanda Maud, Yuki Nitta, Bright Ong, Emily Piggford, Daniel Phung, Gun Suen, and Naomi Yang.


Production designer Tom Pye, costume designer Kimie Nakano, lighting designer Jessica Hung Han Yun, and movement designer You-Ri Yamanaka make up the creative team. The Jim Henson Creature Shop and puppetry associate Mervyn Millar's Significant Object collaborated to create the puppetry under the design and direction of Basil Twist. Will Stuart orchestrated Hisaishi's composition with real musicians, including singer Ai Ninomiya. Tony Gayle did the sound design, Finn Ross and Andrea Scott did the video design, and Hannah Miller CDG did the casting. The assistant director is Ailin Conant.

A new orchestration of Joe Hisaishi's classic score for My Neighbor Totoro was created by Will Stuart, making the film visually and musically delightful.

In October last year, the production, adapted by Tom Morton-Smith and directed by Phelim McDermott of Improbable, debuted at the Barbican. It received numerous awards, including the Critic's Circle Award for Best Design, six Olivier Awards, and five What's on Stage Awards, and broke box office records.


A coming-of-age adventure that follows the lives of sisters Satsuki and Mei, My Neighbor Totoro is based on the 1988 Studio Ghibli film of the same name. The girls, who are relocating to the country to be near their ailing mother, come across magical beings. Totoro, an ancient forest protector, introduces them to a whimsical and magical world.

Audiences can anticipate a journey into the heart of young children's imagination and the transformative power of storytelling as the curtain rises once more on this tale. Don't miss the opportunity to enter My Neighbour Totoro's enchanted world between November 21 and March 23, 2024.

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My Neighbour Totoro

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