Your Guide To West End
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Your Guide to West End

Home to over 40 venues, West End is London’s main theatre district and has hosted productions since the time of William Shakespeare. Along with Broadway in New York City, West End Theatre continues to set the benchmark for commercial theatre around the world and is home to some of the biggest theatre productions and actors in history.

2017 was a record-breaking year for West End theatre with attendance of over 15 million people and Box office revenues exceeding £700 million. This success has been fueled by West End’s unique ability to deliver a diverse set of world-class shows at affordable prices.

Holiday Season

The holidays bring with them a unique set of shows that perfectly wrap the Christmas spirit into a neat production full of music, laughter, choreography and magical set design.

New Arrivals

Take a detour from the staples of West End and check out this list to find the latest shows to have made their debuts this season. Be among the first to discover future classics or fresh retellings of old classics.

First London Theatre Experience

With over 40 productions to choose from, picking your first West End show can be daunting. To make this easier for you, we’ve done your homework and picked out the best shows that offer a classic West End Theatre experience

Critically Acclaimed West End Shows

These shows have not only earned rave reviews from audiences around the world but have also been highly praised by theatre critics. Take your pick from the most recommended shows on West End

West End Shows - Under £25

There are many affordable shows on West End that make for a perfect evening and arelight on the pocket. With ticket prices starting as low as £15, you can now experience West End, even on a budget

Choosing the Best Seats

Seats in a West End Theatre venue are generally spread across these sections: Stalls, Dress/Royal Circle, Grand/Upper Circle, Balcony. Let’s take a brief look into these sections and help you select the best seats for your West End experience.


Seats in the Stalls are closest to the stage and as a result, also the most expensive in the house. The views from the front rows in the Stall are arguably the best and they also place you closer to the action. As is the case with every theatre, seats in the center of the Stalls are the most expensive while seats along the aisle and towards the sides are relatively cheaper. If you’re looking to have a special time at your show, then you can’t go wrong with seats in this section.

Dress/Royal Circle

The Dress Circle is the first elevated section in a West End theater. Seats in this section will have you looking down at the stage rather than looking up, as is the case with seats in the Stalls. The Dress Circle is quite a popular seating option amongst theatergoers as it combines good views with affordable pricing. In fact, front central seats in the Dress Circle are considered to be among the best seats in the house with their panoramic views of the stage.

Grand/Upper Circle

The Grand Circle is the second elevated section in a West End theater and is located above and behind the Dress Circle. Seats here are located quite a distance away from the action. This makes seats in the Grand Circle fall under the “budget” category. If you are looking for a budget West End experience and choosing between front seats in the Grand Circle and the back rows of the Dress Circle, then go for the front few rows of the Grand Circle.


Theaters with a large seating capacity have an additional Balcony section. It is the highest seating level in the theater and also the furthest away from the stage. This makes the Balcony the cheapest section in the house.