The Lion King Cheap Tickets

One of the most popular entertainment options in London is to go watch a live theatre show at the West End theatre district. In fact, Off West Eng and other smaller live theatre shows, too, enjoy a lot of attention from audiences. One could say that the Land of Shakespeare is quite enamoured with live performances and the theatrical arts. But, often, this high demand means that the ticket prices can skyrocket, especially for long-running West End classics, productions with famous cast members or other highly acclaimed shows.

The Lion King from Disney’s arsenal is definitely one of those shows. Adapted for the stage from the 1994 animated musical film of the same name, The Lion King has garnered a tremendous fan following for over 20 years. So, getting your hands on The Lion King cheap tickets can be a true hassle. But here are some ways for you to nab The Lion King cheap tickets and enjoy a legendary musical without burning a hole in your pocket.

What is the Best Way to Buy The Lion King Cheap Tickets?

The Lion King London

The best way to buy The Lion King cheap tickets is to get them online. Here are some reasons why you should buy The Lion King cheap tickets online:

  • Hassle-free: Getting your The Lion King cheap tickets online is an easy, fast and completely hassle-free option. Just with a few clicks, you can get your desired seat.
  • Time-saving: With online tickets, you don't have to queue up and you can buy tickets whenever you feel like, from anywhere in the world.
  • Discounts and deals: Online portals often have discounts and deals that make even the most expensive seats less costly.
  • Choose your own seats: With online The Lion King tickets, you’re at liberty to see all the options and choose your own seats.
  • Advanced tickets: Most online websites allow you to choose your tickets many days ahead of the showtime so it is likely that you’ll naturally get cheaper tickets for The Lion King.

Insider Tips on Buying The Lion King Cheap Tickets

West End Lion King
  • Weekday Tickets: Get yourself weekday tickets and you’ll get better prices on your while also avoiding the crowds at the same time.
  • Morning/Matinee Show Tickets: Tickets for the morning or matinee shows for The Lion King can be much cheaper than those for evening shows. 
  • Student Discounts: If you are a student, enquire whether there are discount schemes available for students. Most West End shows will have such provisions.
  • Holiday/Seasonal Discounts: Keep an eye on seasonal or holiday discounts. These are a great way to procure The Lion King cheap tickets.
  • Rewards Programmes: When you are purchasing tickets from an online portal, see if there are loyalty programs or rewards schemes. These can also shave a few precious pounds off your tickets.

Some Other Ways of Buying The Lion King Cheap Tickets

While buying online tickets to get The Lion King cheap tickets is the best course of action, there are a few other methods that you can try. But, most of these can be availed either on the very day of the show you want to watch or the discounts are available intermittently, so be cautious when making your choice.

Social Media Deals
Day Tickets
Theatre Membership
Group Discounts
West End Newsletters
The Lion King Cheap Tickets

From time to time, ticketing platforms, production houses or even influencers offer short-time deals on tickets, especially with discount codes, on social media.

The Lion King Cheap Tickets

Day Tickets are tickets that are sold on the very day of the show, so it may involve having to stand in line for hours and vying for a limited number of tickets.

The Lion King Cheap Tickets

Lyceum Theatre, London, offers membership to patrons for an annual fee. With this membership, guests can avail early booking for shows and exclusive discounts and deals, even on the top shows.

The Lion King Cheap Tickets

Group discounts are readily available for The Lion King, especially for school and college groups. So, gather your friends and family together and have a fun day out watching The Lion King in London for cheap!

The Lion King Cheap Tickets

Many ticketing websites publish weekly or monthly newsletter with promo codes and offers on top shows like The Lion King. Signing up for these can be a real money-saver, but be sure to book tickets immediately, because they're often short-term offers.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Lion King Cheap Tickets

Where can I get cheap The Lion King cheap tickets?

The easiest way of purchasing The Lion King cheap tickets is to look online. You can book your tickets, anywhere, anytime and it is quick and hassle-free.

Do The Lion King cheap tickets usually mean bad seats?

Buying The Lion King cheap tickets doesn't automatically mean you'll get seats with poor or obstructed views. You can get great deals and discounts on even the best seats of the house, considerably lowering their price.

What is the best way of getting The Lion King cheap tickets?

The best way to get The Lion King cheap tickets is to book them online. But, if you want some other options, you can keep an eye on seasonal cheap tickets or opt for Day Tickets as well.

What should I keep in mind while looking for The Lion King cheap tickets?

If you keep in mind a few basic tips, you can easily reduce the amount of money you send on The Lion King tickets. Look for weekday tickets instead of weekend ones, opt for morning or matinee show timings, buy your tickets in advance and also keep a track of special occasion discounts.

Are tickets cheaper at the Box Office?

The Box office usually sells full price tickets, so online tickets are often cheaper.