Located at the Strand, the Vaudeville Theatre is the third theatre to be constructed on the site, with the first building being constructed in 1870. The Grade 2 theatre is known for its vaudeville style of performances, which are generally short plays and productions. Read on to learn more about the history, architecture, famous productions and everything you need to know before visiting the theatre.

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About Vaudeville Theatre

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  • The Vaudeville Theatre can seat 692 people, spread over three levels - 336 Stall seats, 200 Dress Circle seats, and 152 Upper Circle seats.
  • The centre Stall seats are the best value for money, as they provide unobstructed views of the stage.

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  • Train: The nearest tube station is Charing Cross, which is 4 minutes away from the theatre. If you’re up for a bit of a walk, you can also choose to disembark at Waterloo station and cross the river, or along FleetStreet.
  • Tube: The nearest train stations are Charing Cross and Embankment. The Vaudeville Theatre is located a mere 7-minute walk from both train stations. You can hop on the Northern and Bakerloo lines that serve both these stations.
  • Bus: Strand is frequented by almost all bus lines, namely 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 68, 76, 171, 176 and 188. You could also hop on a bus that passes through Trafalgar Square, as it is quite close.
  • Parking: You can park at the Q-Park Theatreland parking zone, as Vaudeville Theatre is a beneficiary of the parking scheme. With the scheme, you can avail of 50% off car parking when the ticket is validated by theatre staff. The closest Q-Parks are at St. Martin’s Lane or Trafalgar Square. Parking fees range from £22 for up to 3 hours, and £29.50 for 4 hours. You can also park at NCP or Masterpark at Trafalgar Square.
  • Best Recommended Mode of Transport: The bus is the most convenient mode of public transport to reach the theatre, as it is located right on Strand, and also very close to Trafalgar Square, both being well served by bus routes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaudeville Theatre

Where is Vaudeville Theatre located?

The Vaudeville Theatre is located on the Strand in the City of Westminster

How can I reach Vaudeville Theatre?

You can reach Vaudeville Theatre by bus, train, tube, taxi, or private car.

What are the different types of shows and productions that are staged at the Vaudeville Theatre?

Vaudeville Theatre has had many kinds of live entertainment shows staged, like musicals, plays and concerts. The theatre is known for its recent production of The Importance of Being Ernest, and Six The Musical.

What are the seating options available at Vaudeville Theatre?

The Vaudeville Theatre seating options are divided into three different sections - Stall, Dress Circle, and Upper Circle.

Is Vaudeville Theatre accessible to people with disabilities?

The Vaudeville Theatre offers accessible seating for those with disabilities and has many accessibility features, such as guide dog allowance, hearing assistance, adapted toilets, lifts and others available to make the experience enjoyable for all visitors.

How much do the Vaudeville Theatre tickets cost?

The price of the tickets depends on the show that you choose to watch and the timing of the same at the Vaudeville Theatre.

Where can I book my Vaudeville Theatre tickets?

You can book your tickets to shows playing at the Vaudeville Theatre online at London Theatre Tickets. You will get the best deals and discounts and all the information you need at your fingertips.

Are there any dining options available near Vaudeville Theatre?

Yes. Several diverse dining options are available near the Vaudeville Theatre. Polpo, Rules, Wahaca Covent Garden and others are popular restaurants around the theatre.

What are some of the things to do or attractions to explore near the Vaudeville Theatre?

Vaudeville Theatre is located at a very convenient place in London and is close to numerous tourist spots including Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House and more.

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