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St. Martins Theatre seating plan, West End, London

Looking to get the best out of your experience? Check out our St. Martins Theatre seating plan and get real-time seat availability, pricing, and insider tips on the best seats.

Value for money seats

  • Dress Circle: Consider seats 1-6 and 28-33 in Row A. These offer a decent perspective at a more affordable price.
  • Upper Circle: The Upper Circle (Rows D-E, Seats 3-24) provides another budget-friendly option. These seats offer a more distant view of the stage compared to the Dress Circle.

Best views of the stage

  • Stalls: For the absolute best and most unobstructed views of the stage, set your sights on the Stalls (Rows B-H). These seats offer a fantastic view, allowing you to see every detail of the show.
  • Dress Circle: The Dress Circle (centre seats in Rows A-D) provides a fantastic alternative for those seeking a stellar, elevated view of the stage.
  • Upper Circle: While not the closest seats, the Upper Circle (Rows B & C) offers a fantastic view of the entire stage at a more budget-friendly price.

Sections available in St. Martins Theatre

St. Martins Theatre Stalls


The Stalls, with 251 seats, are split into front and rear sections by a wide horizontal aisle behind Row F, providing extra legroom for Row G. Despite the Dress Circle overhang, which impacts visibility from Row L onward by cutting off the top of the stage, it doesn't affect key scenes during the performances.

In the front section, proximity to the stage can cause neck strain, so it's better to choose seats further back. The moderately curved rows ensure all seats face the stage, enhancing the view. The rear Stalls are divided into three smaller blocks, offering more legroom in many seats. Views across the Stalls are generally clear, but sitting centrally offers the best perspective overall.

St. Martins Theatre Dress Circle

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle, with 123 seats, is divided into three blocks by two aisles. The section curves around the balcony toward the stage, which means seats at the ends of the rows may have slight obstructions. Although the Upper Circle overhang begins early, it doesn't interfere with the view from any seat.

The best views are from the first four rows, which are typically priced higher. For a cheaper option, you can find good views from seats further back. Boxes offer a limited view of the stage, but this doesn't necessarily diminish the overall experience.

St. Martins Theatre Upper Circle

Upper Circle

The Upper Circle, with 153 seats, is the highest level of the theater and can feel quite steep due to its pronounced rake, though it's not too far from the stage. It is divided by a central aisle, with relatively small seats that have limited legroom, especially toward the rear.

Ticket prices vary based on seat quality, but this section often has discounts due to the large, view-obstructing safety rail. The best views are from the middle of the section, with Row E offering slightly larger and more comfortable seats. Given the possibility of upgrades, it might be worth opting for cheaper seats in Rows G and H.

Accessible seating in St. Martins Theatre

Accessible Seating in St. Martins Theatre
  • Stalls: The Stalls require navigating 29 steps down from the foyer, making them inaccessible for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. If legroom is a concern, consider Row G in the Stalls.
  • Dress Circle: The Dress Circle can be reached via 5 steps from the main foyer. Alternatively, a temporary ramp can be provided for wheelchair users. There are 2 designated wheelchair spaces with companion seating in Row F and Box C. Transfers to any aisle are available for those requiring assistance.
  • Upper Circle: Not recommended for limited mobility. The Upper Circle requires navigating 28 steps up from the foyer, making it challenging for those with limited mobility.

Frequently asked questions about St. Martins Theatre seating plan

Where are the best seats in St. Martins Theatre?

For an immersive experience, aim for Centre Stalls (B-H). For an elevated view, the Dress Circle (centre seats A-D) offer a great option. Remember, both Stalls and Upper Circle require navigating stairs.

What show is playing at St. Martins Theatre?

St. Martins Theatre is playing Mousetrap.

Which section of St. Martins Theatre has wheelchair accessibility?

The Dress Circle has limited wheelchair accessibility with a temporary ramp available upon request. There are two designated wheelchair spaces with companion seating in Row F and Box C. Stalls and Upper Circle are not accessible due to stairs.

Which seats in St. Martins Theatre provide value for money?

Try Stalls (ends of rows or further back from H) or Upper Circle (centre seats). These offer a decent view at a lower price. Remember, Stalls require navigating stairs, and Upper Circle has some limitations compared to closer sections.