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Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

Explore this seating plan guide for the Sondheim Theatre to assist you in finding the best seats that provide excellent views and value for your investment. Check current seat availability and select the best options for a remarkable experience at the Sondheim Theatre.

Navigating the Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan

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Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan image

What are the Sections Available in Sondheim Theatre?

Sondheim Theatre Stalls


The Stalls, situated below street level, can be reached via a staircase of 21 steps from the foyer. Without a central aisle, the seats form a single block, with aisles located at the ends of the rows. Row R may have limited views of the stage due to the balcony overhang from the Dress Circle. 

Seats in the centre of the rows provide the best view of the stage.

The floor has a subtle incline. Additionally, there is ample legroom for every seat.

Certain seats may have restricted views, particularly the first few seats and those on the sides in Rows N-T. While the stage remains visible, these seats may offer a somewhat lateral perspective. In the final rows, there may be an overhang from the level above, but this only minimally obstructs the very top of the stage.

Sondheim Theatre Dress Circle

Dress Circle

If a performance has an impressive set, the Dress Circle is the prime location for an unobstructed view. However, it's worth noting that there are a handful of seats at the ends of the first three rows that have slightly restricted views due to safety rails. 

Similar to the Stalls, this section doesn't have a central aisle, so selecting seats at the ends of rows can offer additional legroom.

For optimal viewing, consider seats towards the centre of the rows, though even those towards the sides provide a direct view of the action.

While the back of the Dress Circle may feel elevated, the auditorium's size ensures that it doesn't feel too distant. Regardless of your seat, the entirety of the stage remains visible from this section.

Sondheim Theatre Grand Circle

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is situated at the highest and farthest point from the stage.

While most seats here have limited views due to the need to lean forward to see over the lighting rig, this is taken into account in the pricing.

Seats at the ends of rows face additional restrictions. This section is divided into two blocks with a partial aisle. In comparison to other theatres, the Grand Circle at the Sondheim Theatre provides relatively generous legroom and comfortable seating.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the Sondheim Theatre?

Best Views in the Sondheim Theatre
  • The centre and front seats of the Dress Circle offer a truly immersive experience, allowing audience members to feel intimately connected to the action on stage. From these vantage points, viewers can absorb every nuance of the performance and enjoy a comprehensive view of the entire production.
  • For those seeking an even more immersive experience, the front rows of the Stalls provide an unparalleled level of immersion. 
  • It's worth noting that when choosing seats for performances, the Dress Circle emerges as the preferred section. 
  • This recommendation stems from the fact that the rear half of the Stalls is notably affected by the presence of an overhang. This architectural feature could potentially impact the overall viewing experience, making seats in the Dress Circle a more reliable choice.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in the Sondheim Theatre?

For an enjoyable yet budget-conscious theatre outing, make informed seat choices that balance affordability with excellent views.

Value for Money seats in the Sondheim Theatre

30-Seconds Takeaway: Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan

Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan

Accessible Seating in Sondheim Theatre

Accessible Seating in Sondheim Theatre
  • There is an adapted toilet in the foyer accessible via a ramped corridor, with additional toilets on all levels of the auditorium.
  • Access hosts are available for assistance and guidance upon request.
  • Wheelchair access is available through the fourth side door on Wardour Street.
  • Schönberg Loge offers step-free access and can accommodate up to two wheelchairs with companions.
  • Wheelchair transfer seating available in the Dress Circle (aisle of Row D, seats D2 or D29) with companion seats along the row as needed.
  • No on-site parking is available at the Sondheim Theatre, but disabled bays are located nearby on Archer Street and Rupert Street.
  • Two designated spaces for blue badge holders in Archer Street, and parking options at NCP at Lexington Street are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in Sondheim Theatre?

The best seats in the Sondheim Theatre are the centre seats in the Stalls in Rows C-H.

How many sections does the Sondheim Theatre have?

The Sondheim Theatre has 3 sections, the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle.

What is the seating capacity of the Sondheim Theatre?

The Sondheim Theatre can accommodate 1,122 guests. This includes 478 seats in the Stalls, 326 in the Dress Circle, and 318 in the Grand Circle.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in the Sondheim Theatre?

The best views of the stage can be found in the centre seats in Rows C-H of the Stalls, centre seats in Rows A-D in the Dress Circle and Rows AA-C in the Grand Circle.

Which seats in the Sondheim Theatre provide value for money?

Value for money seats can be found in the centre seats in Rows M-Q of the Stalls, in Rows H-L in the Dress Circle and Rows A-F in the Grand Circle.

What is the Stalls section in the Sondheim Theatre?

The Stalls section in the Sondheim Theatre is the ground-level seating area closest to the stage, offering a close and immersive viewing experience of the performance.

What is the Dress Circle section in Sondheim Theatre?

The Dress Circle section in the Sondheim Theatre is the elevated seating area above the Stalls, providing a slightly elevated perspective and excellent views of the stage.

What is the Grand Circle section in Sondheim Theatre?

The Grand Circle section in the Sondheim Theatre is typically the highest seating tier, situated above both the Stalls and Dress Circle. It offers a bird's-eye view of the stage, providing a unique perspective on the performance.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility in the Sondheim Theatre?

The Dress Circle has accessible seating. Wheelchair transfer seating is available on the aisle of Row D of the Dress Circle, with companion seats along the row as needed.

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