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Piccadilly Theatre Seating Plan: The Best Seats for Your Money

The Piccadilly Theatre, known for its rich history and diverse performances, offers a multitude of seating options. Discover the ideal seats for your budget with our comprehensive seating plan.

Navigating the Piccadilly Theatre Seating Plan

Piccadilly Theatre Seating Plan

What are the Sections Available in Piccadilly Theatre?

Piccadilly Theatre Stalls Seating Plan


The Stalls section at Piccadilly Theatre is highly sought after due to its proximity to the stage. Unlike many other theatres, the Stalls here don't have a central aisle. Instead, it's like one giant block, spanning from Row CC to Row U, totaling 21 rows. The seats are gently raked from Row A towards the rear, providing clear views over the audience in front. However, at the very end of the Stalls, the rake levels off, which may result in slightly less clear views.

Please be aware that the overhang from the Royal Circle, starting from Row N, can cause some restricted views in the end corner of this section. Nonetheless, the seats in this section are generally comfortable, with most offering decent legroom. For those seeking extra legroom, consider the front row, Row P, or seats D1, D28, H1, H28, K1, and K30.

Piccadilly Theatre Royal Circle Seating Plan

Royal Circle

The Royal Circle at Piccadilly Theatre is the first of the two elevated levels. Despite being above the Stalls, it doesn't feel excessively high thanks to the stage's height. This section is divided by a central aisle, with rows having only a slight curve.

Please note that a small safety rail at the bottom of each set of steps can restrict the view from the first two rows. Additionally, seats toward the ends of each row provide a slightly side-on view of the stage.

Starting from row G and back, the overhang from the level above begins to obstruct the top of the stage. This is why the final row is offered at a discounted price. If you prefer feeling involved and engaged with the show, this section is ideal for you.

Piccadilly Theatre Grand Circle Seating Plan

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle at Piccadilly Theatre is the second elevated section in the theatre and is located farthest from the stage. Consequently, it offers the most budget-friendly seats in the house due to its distance from the stage.

Please be aware that there is a safety rail that can obstruct the view from the first row and from seats along the aisles, so it's best to avoid these seats if possible. Despite the distance, this section is well-raked and placed at an appropriate height, allowing you to look directly down at the stage.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the Piccadilly Theatre?

Piccadilly Theatre
  • The rows C through K in the Stalls section are the best seats in the house for views. You'll be close to the stage and have an unobstructed view of all the action.
  • Rows B to D in the Royal Circle offer a similar view to the center stalls but at a lower price. You'll also have more legroom.
  • Rows A and B in the Grand Circle also offer good views of the stage. These seats are usually less expensive when compared to seats in Stalls and Royal Circle.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in the Piccadilly Theatre?

Piccadilly Theatre

30-Seconds Takeaway: Piccadilly Theatre Seating Plan

Piccadilly Theatre

Accessible Seating in Piccadilly Theatre

Piccadilly Theatre
  • Piccadilly Theatre offers three wheelchair spaces, all conveniently located in the Stalls. You can access these spaces via an accessible lift at the Sherwood Street entrance.
  • One wheelchair space is available in Row A, and two are located in Box C, complete with companion seats. These spaces are situated on the left-hand side of the auditorium.
  • If you're looking for extra legroom, consider the aisle seats and Row P in the Stalls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Piccadilly Theatre Seating Plan

How many sections does Piccadilly Theatre have?

The Piccadilly Theatre has three main seating sections: the Stalls, the Royal Circle, and the Grand Circle.

Which seats offer the best view of the stage in the Piccadilly Theatre seating plan?

The seats in the Stalls Rows C-K, Royal Circle Rows B-D and Grand Circle Rows A and B typically offer the best views of the stage, providing a close and unobstructed perspective for an immersive theatre experience.

Which seat offers the best value for money in the Piccadilly Theatre seating plan?

For the best value for money at the Piccadilly Theatre, consider seats in the following sections and rows: in the Stalls, opt for Rows L-P; in the Royal Circle, Rows A-E; and in the Grand Circle, Rows A-G.

What is the Stalls section in the Piccadilly Theatre seating plan?

In the Piccadilly Theatre seating plan, the Stalls section is the main ground-level seating area located closest to the stage. It offers a close and immersive viewing experience for theatregoers and is often considered one of the prime seating sections in the theatre.

What is the Royal Circle in Piccadilly Theatre seating plan?

In the Piccadilly Theatre seating plan, the Royal Circle is a section situated above the Stalls and below the Grand Circle. It offers a slightly elevated view of the stage and is known for providing a good balance between proximity to the stage and a broader perspective of the performance.

What is the Grand Circle in Piccadilly Theatre seating plan?

The Grand Circle is the uppermost section, situated above both the Stalls and the Royal Circle. While it offers a more elevated view of the stage, it may be farther from the performance, making it an option for those seeking a more budget-friendly theatre experience with a broader view.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility in the Piccadilly Theatre?

Wheelchair accessibility at the Piccadilly Theatre is available in the Stalls section. This section is equipped with wheelchair spaces to accommodate patrons with mobility needs, ensuring they can enjoy the performance comfortably and conveniently.