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Barbican Theatre Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

This Barbican Theatre seating plan guide will help you locate the best seats based on both the view and cost-effectiveness. Check the real-time seat availability and pricing on the Barbican Theatre seating plan to find the best seats.

Navigating the Barbican Theatre Seating Plan

Barbican Theatre seating plan image

How to Choose The Best Seats in Barbican Theatre Seating Plan?

Which seats provide value for money?

Gallery seats towards the rear of each section.

Which seats to choose if money were no matter?

Centre of the Stalls and Circle.

Which seats provide the best views of the stage?

Stalls: Rows F-J.
Circle: Seats in the centre.

What are the Sections Available in Barbican Theatre?

Barbican Theatre Stalls


The Stalls form an uninterrupted block of seating without a central aisle, accessible through doors at both ends of each row. Rows gently curve at the ends, offering a slight side view of the stage. The Barbican presents a modern auditorium with 17 rows accommodating up to 49 seats each, along with 2 Boxes at the rear and standing room.

Barbican Theatre Circle


Positioned directly above the Stalls, the Circle at this venue is predominantly occupied by seats in Row A and B, with seats AA to HH situated on the sides for a partial side view of the stage. Notably, the Circle features no central aisle, and its unobstructed view is preserved as it remains unaffected by the sections above.

Barbican Theatre Upper Circle

Upper Circle

The Upper Circle replicates the layout of the Circle but offers an unobstructed view without a Gallery overhang. Organized into two elongated rows, A and B, the seating configuration places seats AA to EE on both sides of the stage, allowing for a side-angle view of the performance. Rows A and B emerge as excellent options for those prioritizing affordability without sacrificing visibility.

Barbican Theatre Gallery


Within the Gallery, discover Rows A and B, each featuring six seats on both sides in Rows AA and BB, granting a side view of the stage. Access your seats through doors on either side with no central aisle in this section. While the Gallery provides a unique perspective, it's important to note that it may occasionally convey a sense of distance from the primary action on the stage.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in Barbican Theatre?

Best Views in Barbican Theatre
  • In the Stalls and Circle section, the middle rows are best placed to offer the most ideal views of the stage.
  • These seats provide an excellent vantage point of the stage, especially Rows F-J, which are highly recommended. Yet, for a more intimate experience, you might want to explore seating options a bit closer to the stage.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in Barbican Theatre?

If you are on a limited budget and still want to get the very best out of your experience, it is important to carefully pick the seats that don't put a hole in your pocket and yet, provide good views.

Value for Money in Barbican Theatre Seating Plan

30-Seconds Takeaway: Barbican Theatre Seating Plan

Barbican Theatre Seating Plan

Accessible Seating in Barbican Theatre

Accessible Seating in Barbican Theatre
  • The Stalls provide four designated spaces for wheelchair users, along with companion seats at the rear. In the Upper Circle, row B features four accessible spaces equipped with a platform lift, and staff assistance is readily available. Furthermore, the back row of the Stalls (T) offers step-free access, although accessing other rows may require the use of stairs.
  • The car parks are open to all until midnight, accessible either via Silk Street or Beach Street Tunnel. Lifts are provided for those in need of assistance.
  • There are elevators on every level, connected to internal theatre lifts. You can utilize the main lifts on the Stalls floor or ground floor. Your ticket designates your assigned level and corresponding door. Additionally, step-free access to the Barbican Level G Foyer is available.
  • Guide dogs and emotional support animals are permitted within the theatre. Guests also have the option to entrust their care to the theatre staff during the performance.
  • Barbican Theatre regularly organizes assisted performances, including audio-described, captioned, and British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted performances. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Barbican Theatre Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in Barbican Theatre?

In Barbican's Stalls and Circle section, the middle rows offer the most ideal views of the stage.

How many sections does the Barbican Theatre have?

Barbican Theatre has 4 sections - Stalls, Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in Barbican Theatre?

In Stalls, Rows F-J and in the Circle, seats in the centre provide the best views.

Which seats in the Barbican Theatre provide value for money?

Seats in the Gallery section provide value for money. The seats in the rear of each section tend to have reasonable prices.