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Aldwych Theatre Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

This Aldwych Theatre seating plan guide will assist you in discovering the best seats considering both views and value for money. Explore live seat availability to secure the finest options for your Aldwych Theatre experience.

Navigating the Aldwych Theatre Seating Plan

Aldwych Theatre Seating Plan image

What are the Sections Available in Aldwych Theatre?

Stalls in Aldwych Theatre


The Stalls, positioned closest to the stage, constitute the primary seating section. Two aisles separate the rear portion of the Stalls, beginning from Row HH. The expansive Stalls Section encompasses a total of 25 rows, establishing itself as the largest seating zone within the theater.

Starting from Row L onwards, the overhang of the Dress Circle partially obstructs the view of the stage, yet seats in this area offer unobstructed and clear sightlines.

Rows T-Y are offered at a slightly reduced price due to the presence of the Dress Circle overhang

Boxes C and F are also reasonably priced, as you need to lean quite a bit to get a good view of the stage.

Dress Circle in Aldwych Theatre

Dress Circle

In contrast to the Stalls, the Dress Circle boasts a more straightforward design, a rectangular configuration without interruptions or aisles. 

There are 12 rows in total, labeled A to M. The Dress Circle also has an impressive incline that provides excellent sightlines from the majority of seats.

This section provides unobstructed sightlines, which are ideal for grand musical productions like "TINA: The Tina Turner Musical’, as you are able to view the most intricate of details. 

For an optimal theater experience, consider securing centrally located seats within Rows D and E to enjoy the finest views available.

Grand Circle in Aldwych Theatre

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is positioned farthest from the stage.

The Grand Circle’s layout bears a resemblance to that of the Dress Circle but it features an aisle following the third row, creating a division within the section. 

Comprising merely 11 rows (A-L), the Grand Circle stands as the most compact seating section within the theater. 

Despite its elevated placement, the Grand Circle grants excellent visibility for Rows A-C, offering completely unobstructed views of the stage.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the Aldwych Theatre?

Best Views in in Aldwych Theatre
  • The initial portion of the Stalls section has the best view starting from Row B onwards. Rows E-J in the Stalls are premium seats, right in the middle of the theater and offering the best views.
  • In the Dress Circle section, seats 8-26 in Row A emerge as a standout choice, offering some of the best perspectives in the theater.
  • Rows B-C in the Grand Circle also offer exceptional views.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in the Aldwych Theatre?

To achieve a wallet-friendly yet enjoyable theater experience, make thoughtful seat choices that skillfully balance cost and excellent views.

Value for money in Aldwych Theatre

30-Seconds Takeaway: Aldwych Theatre Seating Plan

Aldwych Theatre

Accessible Seating in Aldwych Theatre

Accessible Seating in Aldwych Theatre
  • There is step-free access to the Theatre Foyer on the Drury Lane side of the building. 
  • Seats 1 & 25 in Row C of the Dress Circle can be accessed from the street level and the seats can be removed for wheelchair placement. It is approximately 11 meters away from the stage.
  • There is an accessible toilet located in Theatre Foyer which is accessible from the street level.
  • The Aldwych Theatre offers Sennheiser Stethoscopes that can be used in-ear and Sennheiser Neck Loops that can work alongside hearing aids or cochlear implants.
  • Guide dogs are warmly welcomed in the Aldwych Theatre.
  • Specific seats in the auditorium are designated for patrons accompanied by their dogs. Alternatively, a staff member can care for the guide dog during the performance, returning them to the owner at intermission and after the show.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aldwych Theatre Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in Aldwych Theatre?

The seats with the best view are in the Stalls Section from Row B onwards. Rows A-D in the Dress Circle and Rows B-C in the Grand Circle also have amazing views of the stage.

How many sections does the Aldwych Theatre have?

The Aldwych Theatre has 3 sections, the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle.

What is the seating capacity of the Aldwych Theatre?

The Aldwych Theatre has a seating capacity of 1181 seats. There are 561 seats in the Stalls, 337 seats in the Dress Circle and 283 seats in the Grand Circle.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in the Aldwych Theatre?

The first few rows of the Stalls section have the best view starting from Row B onwards. Rows E-J in the Stalls are premium seats because they are right in the middle of the theater and offer the best views.

Which seats in the Aldwych Theatre provide value for money?

Seats 1-6 and 28-33 in Row A of the Dress Circle and Seats 3-24 in Rows D-E of the Grand Circle provide great value for money. 

What is the Stalls section in the Aldwych Theatre?

The Stalls section in the Aldwych Theatre is the largest section and the closest seating area to the stage.

What is the Dress Circle section in Aldwych Theatre?

The Dress Circle section in the Aldwych Theatre is an elevated seating area above the Stalls, offering a higher view of the stage.

What is the Grand Circle section in Aldwych Theatre?

The Grand Circle section in the Aldwych Theatre is a higher-level seating area above the Dress Circle, providing an elevated perspective of the stage. It is also the smallest section of the Aldwych Theatre.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility in the Aldwych Theatre?

Inside the Aldwych Theatre, there are dedicated boxes in the Dress Circle designed to accommodate individuals using wheelchairs.