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ABBA Arena Seating Plan: Best Views, Best Seats & Value for Money

This ABBA Arena seating plan guide will help you locate the best seats based on both the view and cost-effectiveness. Check the real-time seat availability and pricing on the ABBA Arena seating plan to find the best seats for ABBA Voyage.

Navigating the ABBA Arena Seating Plan

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ABBA Arena seating plan image

What are the Sections Available in ABBA Arena?

ABBA Arena Auditorium Seating Blocks

Auditorium Seating Blocks

ABBA Arena's auditorium seating blocks are made up of 1650 seats. the auditorium seating blocks include accessible seating. Experience superior comfort and unobstructed views throughout the 90-minute concert with the high backrest and sprung seats in this section.

Blocks A - E comprise the premium seats as they are right in the front of the stage. The accessible seats can be found in these blocks. Blocks F - K are far off, yet provide clear views to the audience. Blocks F - K also provide unobstructed views but are a bit away from the stage. As the venue hosts a concert, these blocks are also a good option.

ABBA Arena Dance Booths

Dance Booths

ABBA Arena seating plan features eight Dance Booths. Four of these are located between auditorium blocks J and H and are fit for 10 people. The remaining four booths are located between auditorium blocks H and G and are fit for 12 people. The dance booths are a great option if you are going with a big group of friends as you can book the entire booth.

Quite like individual dance floors, the dance booths provide a great immersive experience. They are great also because of their pod-like feel that proves to be quite intimate. You can stand and enjoy the concert as the booths are situated at a comfortable height.

ABBA Arena Dance Floor

Dance Floor

On the dance floor section of the ABBA Arena seating plan, you can enjoy a concert-like environment. Closest to the stage and the ABBA-tars, the dance floor is an unreserved standing space right in front of the stage and is sure to be easy on the pocket. The dance floor allows you to move comfortably, rather than being stuck in one place or having to sit and crane your neck to see the stage.

Which Seats Provide the Best Views in the ABBA Arena?

Best Views in the ABBA Arena
  • The Dance Booths of the ABBA Arena seating plan will ensure that you get the best concert experience possible.
  • Located in blocks A to E, the individual seats are great for providing the best view of the performance on stage. From here, you won't miss out on any of the advanced visual effects.
  • Seats located in the centre of the ABBA Arena seating plan are better for taking in all aspects of the concert.

Which Seats Provide Value for Money in the ABBA Arena?

If you are on a limited budget and still want to get the very best out of your experience, it is important to carefully pick the seats that don't put a hole in your pocket and yet, provide good views.

Value for Money in the ABBA Arena Seating Plan

30-Seconds Takeaway: ABBA Arena Seating Plan

ABBA Arena Seating Plan

Accessible Seating in ABBA Arena

Accessible Seating in ABBA Arena
  • The ABBA Arena has many wheelchair spaces and transferrable seats for wheelchair users. Each of these accessible seats comes with a companion seat that’s free of cost.
  • The nearest tube station to the ABBA Arena with step-free access is Pudding Mill Lane. The ABBA Arena is right outside the tube station, with step-free access across to the entrance.
  • There are 10 parking spaces at the venue for blue badge holders that require prior booking.
  • For guests with visual impairments, the ABBA Arena has suitable seating available.
  • Guide dogs are welcome at the ABBA Arena.
  • The ABBA Arena is also fitted with a closed-loop hearing system to help those with a hearing impairment.

Frequently Asked Questions About ABBA Arena Seating Plan

Where are the best seats in ABBA Arena?

The best seats in the ABBA Arena depend on the kind of experience you want to have. If you want to have a concert-like experience and dance the night away, you should consider the Dance Booth or Dance Floor. If you wish to have comfortable seating and good views, go for seats in Blocks A to E.

What show is playing at ABBA Arena in London?

ABBA Arena in London is playing the hit musical concert, ABBA Voyage.

How many sections does the ABBA Arena have?

ABBA Arena has three broad sections spread across the arena — Auditorium Seating Blocks, Dance Booth and Dance Floor. The ABBA Arena Seating Plan guide will help you choose the best seats for yourself online.

What is the seating capacity of the ABBA Arena?

The ABBA Arena can seat around 1612 people. The rest of the arena comprises of the Dance Floor and the Dance Booths.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in the ABBA Arena?

Individual seats in Blocks A to E provide the best views of the stage in the ABBA Arena.

Which seats in the ABBA Arena provide value for money?

The value-for-money seats in the ABBA Arena seating plan are in Blocks F - K. The unreserved spaces in the Dance Floor section are light on the pocket too if you are okay with standing during the concert. This section is also closest to the stage and provides a great concert experience.

What is the Auditorium Seating Blocks section in the ABBA Arena?

The auditorium seating blocks section is where most of the seats of the venue are located. The wheelchair accessible seats can also be found here.

What is the Dance Floor section in ABBA Arena?

The Dance Floor section of the ABBA Arena is an unreserved standing space very close to the stage. The dance floor is perfect for those who wish to dance and have a great concert experience.

What is the Dance Booths in ABBA Arena?

The Dance Booths are pod-like blocks located between auditorium blocks J and H and H and G. There are eight such Dance Booths in the ABBA Arena.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility in the ABBA Arena?

The wheelchair-accessible seats are located in the Auditorium Seating Blocks.