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The Hills of California: Jez Butterworth's epic family drama debuts in the West End


Jez Butterworth's latest play, The Hills of California, has opened at the Harold Pinter Theatre in the West End. Directed by Sam Mendes, the three-act drama explores the complexities of family ties, secrets, and the impact of memory on people's lives. Butterworth, known for his previous successes with Jerusalem and The Ferryman, brings a different flavour to the stage with this tale of four sisters returning to their family home in Blackpool during the scorching summer of 1976.

The play unfolds in a dark house, once the Seaview Luxury Guest House and Spa, but is now in decay. Rob Howell's impressive set design features staircases reaching into the eaves, leading to hidden rooms with names like Alabama, Mississippi, Minnesota, and Tennessee, echoing distant dreams and promises of a better life.

The narrative centres on the sisters' reunion as they gather to be with their dying mother, Veronica, played with charisma and precision by Laura Donnelly. The tension escalates as the sisters clash, revealing long-buried resentments and secrets. The play seamlessly transitions between the scorching summer of 1976 and the kitchen of the same house in 1955, where Veronica trains her daughters, played by Nancy Allsop, Nicola Turner, Sophia Ally, and Lara McDonnell, to be a singing group reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters. The contrast between the two time frames highlights the family's struggles, ambitions, and the enduring impact of Veronica's aspirations for her daughters.

The Hills of California remains an exciting and compelling addition to the playwright's repertoire, promising a night of familial drama and introspection for theatre enthusiasts in the West End. Book tickets to The Hills of California today using the Harold Pinter Theatre seating plan

The Hills of California

The Hills of California

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