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Pygmalion | Show Announcement


London's theatre enthusiasts are in for a treat as Pygmalion, the timeless classic, takes the stage from Sep 6th to Oct 28th, 2023 in the Old Vic Theatre, London. 

Under the brilliant direction of Richard Jones, known for his previous successes with Endgame and Katya Kabanova, Pygmalion is a must-watch. The charismatic and accomplished Bertie Carvel, celebrated for his performances in The 47th and The Crown, will bring to life the eccentric and self-assured linguist, Professor Henry Higgins.

Sharing the stage with Carvel is the talented Patsy Ferran, renowned for her roles in A Streetcar Named Desire and Camp Siegfried. Ferran will portray the vivacious Eliza Doolittle, a spirited flower girl from Covent Garden whose aspirations know no bounds. 

Pygmalion recounts the journey of Eliza Doolittle, a young woman hailing from the streets of London, who finds herself under the tutelage of the esteemed Henry Higgins. As a renowned linguist and phonetics professor, Higgins is determined to mold Eliza into a refined lady of high society. However, as Eliza navigates through a challenging and often humiliating educational process, she begins to question Higgins' notions of class and gender. Through her trials, she discovers her own strength, power, and independence.

This eagerly awaited drama, with its thought-provoking themes and unforgettable characters, promises to captivate audiences and leave them pondering the complexities of social transformation.



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