London Theatre TicketsMusicalsMalevoDon't miss Malevo's UK premiere at Peacock Theatre, London

Don't miss Malevo's UK premiere at Peacock Theatre, London


Malevo makes its West End debut in 2023, showcasing an incredibly talented all-male ensemble, as they present the traditional Argentine Malambo for the first time at Peacock Theatre!

The blazing talent of Malevo

Get ready for a riveting and high-octane interpretation of the traditional Argentine Malambo in the Malevo West End premiere. This remarkable, all-male dance troupe takes the Malambo style to new heights, promising an extraordinary sensory experience for audiences.

With thunderous drumbeats, imposing postures, and electrifying footwork, Malevo redefines the realm of Argentine dance. This performance infuses elements of flamenco and dynamic drumming, unleashing a choreography that seamlessly blends the use of boleadoras – leather and stone hunting tools employed by Gauchos – with powerful movements, energetic stomping (zapateados), and lightning-fast footwork (cepillados).

The creators

Malevo, the South American sensation, was brought to life by the artistic vision of director, choreographer, and dancer Matías Jaime. Together with his ensemble, they breathe new life into the traditional Argentine folklore dance of Malambo, infusing it with contemporary passion and intensity.

Experience the thunder and energy of the all-male dance troupe of Malevo. Make sure to book your tickets in advance!



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