The Mousetrap, which has been running for 70 years on West End and is the world's longest-running play, is finally opening on Broadway in 2023. On 25 November 1952, Christie's whodunit premiered in Nottingham's Theatre Royal. At first, she thought it might only last for eight months. However, since it first premiered, The Mousetrap has become a staple in London's West End. It has been performed almost 29,000 times and seen by 10 million people. Although the show has been performed in America, it has never been on Broadway. But, the long wait for Agatha Christie's classic whodunit is finally over for Broadway enthusiasts.

The murder mystery play, which currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s longest-running play, is set to make its Broadway debut in 2023. On the occasion of The Mousetrap completing 70 wonderful years at the West End, the show's producers, Adam Spiegel and Kevin McCollum, revealed their plans to bring the hit whodunit to Broadway in 2023.

Till we get more information on The Mousetrap on Broadway, how about checking out the legendary play in West End? Book your tickets to West End’s The Mousetrap to witness this thrilling murder mystery!

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