London Theatres Map: Theatres, Tube Stations, Restaurants & More

What is the West End?

The West End of London is located north of the River Thames and west of London City. It is a district with most of London's major tourist attractions, entertainment venues and shopping destinations. Also known as the London Theatre District, the West End is famous for being the hotspot of London's theatre scene as London's major entertainment venues and theatres are located here. Check out our London Theatre District Guide for detailed information.

London Theatres Map

Widely regarded as the theatre capital of the world, London has over 40 major theatres in and around the West End. Right from musicals to immersive theatre shows, the London theatre district offers a diverse range of entertainment for everyone. Some of these performances have withstood the test of time to become a part of the longest-running West End shows and musicals.

West End Restaurants Map

The West End is home to a large selection of restaurants with vibrant cuisines. Many West End restaurants serve both pre and post-theatre set menus, making them a convenient dinner option for theatre-goers. Our detailed restaurant guide will set you up for a perfect meal!

West End Shopping Map

With places like Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly, the West End is a shopper's paradise. Oxford Street alone is home to more than 300 stores! From luxury clothes to comic books, the West End has it all.

West End Tube Stations Map

The London Underground rail network or The Tube is the most convenient way to travel in London, especially if you are on a budget and have a show to get to. Here are some of the prominent tube stations in the West End.