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A Face in the Crowd

Opening on 10 Sep, 2024

To be confirmed
Until 9 November 2024
Strictly for 14+

Why watch A Face in the Crowd?

  • Ramin Karimloo and Anoushka Lucas shine in the leading roles for this stage adaptation of Budd Schulberg’s cult hit film.
  • The production has been in the work for several years and first gained attention in 2016 when composer Elvis Costello and librettist Sarah Ruhl hosted an exclusive reading of the musical in New York.
  • Grammy award-winning artist Elvis Costello returns to the stage with his second musical, after his debut with Cold War early last year.
  • The production also marks director Kwame Kwei-Armah’s last hurrah before he steps down as artistic director for the Young Vic Theatre, after a successful 6-year run and over 40 productions to his name.

A Face in the Crowd explores the volatile intersection of fame, politics, and power, in the backdrop of the media industry. Portrayed by the Tony and Olivier Award-nominated actor Ramin Karimloo, Lonesome Rhodes' meteoric rise from the streets serves as a powerful cautionary tale, especially in today’s climate. Anoushka Lucas, an actor, singer, songwriter, and playwright, brings Marcia Jeffries, a local radio producer who unwittingly sets off the explosion, to life. Directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah, with several hit songs by Elvis Costello, the production is expected to be an exciting adventure.


A Face in the Crowd is based on the original story by Budd Schulberg, derived from his 1953 collection Some Faces in the Crowd. It narrates the story of Marcia Jeffries (Anoushka Lucas), a local radio producer who chances upon Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes (Ramin Karimloo), in an Arkansas drunk tank. Impressed by his cheeky remarks, she decides to put him on air. However, his popularity soon catapults him into a national figure, even encouraging him to become a presidential candidate. Marcia finds herself in a fix, realizing that she has unleashed a force that she cannot contain. But will she be able to go back?

Age & content guide

  • This show is recommended for ages 14+.
  • The musical contains adult themes including those related to sex, race, death, and violence.
  • Please keep in mind that most theaters do not have an age classification organization. This means that all age recommendations are subjective. Please use your judgment while purchasing tickets for any show.

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Cancellation & refunds

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Frequently asked questions about A Face in the Crowd

How much do the A Face in the Crowd musical tickets cost?

The cost of the tickets starts from £30 and will vary depending on the type of seats you choose.

What is the opening date for A Face in the Crowd?

The show opens on 10 September 2024 at the Young Vic Theatre in London.

What age is A Face in the Crowd appropriate for?

The musical does not have a strict age limit. However, it is most suitable for children aged 14 and above.

Where is A Face in the Crowd playing in London?

The show is playing at the Young Vic Theatre in London.

What is A Face in the Crowd about?

A Face in the Crowd is a classic cautionary tale adapted from the eponymous cult hit film. It follows the rise of Lonesome Rhodes from a drunk drifter to a powerful media personality and Marcia Jeffries, the local radio producer who gave him a platform.

How long does A Face in the Crowd run for?

The running time is yet to be confirmed.

Who are the main stars of A Face in the Crowd?

The main stars of the critically acclaimed musical are Ramin Karimloo as Lonesome Rhodes and Anoushka Lucas playing the feisty Marcia Jeffries.

What are the popular songs in A Face in the Crowd?

The musical features several hit songs by Grammy award-winning artist Elvis Costello. The full list of songs will be available closer to the show date.