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101 Dalmatians Musical | London tickets | New Wimbledon Theatre
180 minutes
Until 29 June 2024
Suitable for 5+

Why watch 101 Dalmatians Musical | London tickets | New Wimbledon Theatre?

  • The widely loved musical, from a stage adaptation by Zinnie Harris, is returning to London for a year-long tour filled with laughter, edge-of-the-seat plot twists, and the undeniably cute Dalmatian family.
  • If you love a furry friend, this musical is hard to miss, with its excellent puppetry, witty songs, and, you guessed it, exceedingly cute spotted puppies! Kids have especially loved the 101 Dalmations musical for the exciting tunes written and composed by award-winning actor, director, and composer Douglas Hodge.
  • The theme of the musical is borrowed from the eponymous children’s novel by Dodie Smith, which has received overwhelming adoration from children and adults worldwide. Previously, the book has been adapted into a string of successful films and series by Disney and inspired Emma Stone’s devilish performance in Cruella.

Zinnie Harris’s popular stage adaptation of the hit children’s novel is a delightful family watch, with music and lyrics by Douglas Hodge and a book by Johnny McKnight. Contrary to expectations, all the dogs in the performance are puppet-handled with careful precision and commendable effort. Kym Marsh of Coronation Street fame is set to play the outlandish villain Cruella with debutante Jessie Elland as Danielle and several child actors the young canines who will turn you puppy-eyed with their lovable performances.

Although considered a tiring feat considering the large volume of animals required in the production, the cast and crew have used clever puppetry along with bewildering costumes and props to bring the story alive. Cruella’s unforgiving nature packs the melodies with vex, but the overall theme is true to the wholesome tale of Pongo and Perdi.


Pongo and Perdi are in troubled waters, as the town’s fashionista Cruella has sworn to steal their adorable Dalmatian puppies for their unique, spotted fur. Chaos ensues as the pair search about town for their band of adorable litter while the wicked Cruella plots against them. The owners of the charming canine bunch, Dominic and Danielle, keep the audiences engaged with their simple ways. With slight modifications, the story has been adapted for the 21st century delivering a bunch of shocks. Cruella is cold and heartless, but will she be able to succeed in disbanding the precious little family? Book your tickets to the 101 Dalmation musical in London and find out.

Age & content guide

  • The play is suitable for people aged 5 and up. Children between the ages of 5 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children below 5 years of age are not permitted inside the theater.
  • Please keep in mind that the theater does not have an age classification organization. This means that all age recommendations are subjective. Please use your judgment while purchasing tickets for any show.

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Frequently asked questions about 101 Dalmatians Musical | London tickets | New Wimbledon Theatre

How much do 101 Dalmatians tickets cost?

The cost of the tickets typically starts from £13. Prices may vary depending on the type of seats you choose.

What is the opening date for 101 Dalmatians?

The hit musical is set to begin its UK tour on 22 June 2024 at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

What age group is the play appropriate for?

The show’s content is most suitable for all people aged 5 and above and can be enjoyed with family.

Where is 101 Dalmatians playing in London?

The musical is premiering on 22 June 2024 at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London.

How long does the show run for?

The running time is approximately 180 minutes with a short interval.

What is 101 Dalmatians about?

101 Dalmatians is a musical based on the popular eponymous novel, which follows Pongo and Pedri’s battle against the vicious Cruella.