We Will Rock You Review


We Will Rock You Review: A Bohemian Rhapsody on Stage

12th June, 2023 | By Sophie Prestwich

We Will Rock You review is out!

The famous rock musical We Will Rock You is playing at London Coliseum. Despite being 21 years old the musical celebrating Queen's greatest hits has never sounded and looked fresher thanks to an incredible cast. 

On paper, it sounds too conflicting to smash together Queen’s rock hits and a musical format. Don’t be put off though because it works. I was sceptical that it would seem like a tribute band but this was not the case. It is a full-on production from start to finish that magically seems to run parallel with Queen’s legacy but does not get too close and avoids becoming a tribute show. The storyline is set in the future and is very ‘self-mocking’. If I am honest the storyline is not what makes this musical great, you could be unaware of the story and still have a great evening thanks to the music and some of the jokes in between the songs. It’s a funny, light-hearted show and if you are expecting this when you go into the theatre you’ll have a fabulous night. 

Futuristic Set & Costumes

The set and costumes in the show are as bonkers as the storyline. There are big screens being used to bring the digital future to life and of course a huge throne for the Killer Queen, which is very much like the Game of Thrones one! The costumes of the Gala Kids are alien-like and full of latex, which starkly contrasts with the rebels who are head to toe in Rock’n’Roll clothes. Everything about this production is over the top but you quickly get immersed in this and this feature of the show becomes strangely endearing. 

The ensemble of this production is mega and it’s scattered with many well-known faces from the West  End. Christine Allado as Meat was brilliant, having previously seen her in Hamilton I had high expectations and these were exceeded. Her rendition of 'Only the good die young’ was stunning. Ben  Elton was hilarious as the Rebel Leader and I loved his references to the old production. Brenda  Edwards was, as I expected, a powerhouse and her voice as the Killer Queen was exceptional. Her onstage presence with Lee Mead was one of my favourite things about this show - who knew Lee Mead could be so deliciously evil?!  

Outstanding Music & Performances

However, for me, there were three stand-out performances. Adrian Hansel as Britney Spears was an unexpected character that the audience fell in love with, not only for his humour but also because his voice was gorgeous too. I wish we could have seen more of him! Ian Mcintosh was exceptional as Galileo. I felt myself leaning forward when he sang and his voice truly has a hypnotic feel to it. He was the perfect tribute to Queen’s music and he was a joy to watch from start to finish. Finally, Elena Skye was excellent as Scaramouche. She was sassy, powerful and not afraid to speak her mind. She had some of the best songs and lines throughout the show and she nailed every single one. Skye and Mcintosh’s chemistry on stage was electric and they levelled the show up to a great one. There was not a weak cast member in this show and the quality of the show will satisfy any Queen fan!

We Will Rock You Review: Final Verdict ★★★★★

Overall this show is not one to miss this summer in London. I would give this show 5 stars! It is perfect for Queen newbies and die-hard fans of the band too. Hit after hit this show doesn’t stop producing magic on the stage and the incredible music as well as the stellar cast create an engrossing production that leaves the audience on a rock high! There is nothing not to like about this musical, it’s not heavy, and you can celebrate the magic of Queen’s music and its ability to live on and influence a new generation’s love of music. Go see this show for a great night out that will reignite your love for great music.

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