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Here’s what we think: Review by Headout

In the world of musical theatre, only a few shows can claim to be as iconic as The Lion King. Playing at the Lyceum Theatre for over 20 years, the musical's larger-than-life costumes, delightful songs and unforgettable bildungsroman story make it truly extraordinary.

The Lion King is hands down one of the best musicals in London's West End, with its universal appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a classic that has passed the test of time with flying colours. The Lion King's London reviews are all singing praises of the long-running West End classic and this review is going to be no different!

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David Gritten,

The Telegraph UK
out, 2014

"Taymor has created a world that is fiercely non-literal, often to moving and wondrous effect...There’s a tough-mindedness about her method of story-telling...But it works superbly. The performances in the London production are outstanding."

jan, 2011

"A mixture of treasured songs from the original film and newer tracks like He Lives in You from its sequel gel perfectly throughout this stunning show and with the intricate, innovative costumes, Disney could not have swept us off to Africa more convincingly."

Sheri Flanders,

Chicago Sun-Times
nov, 2022

"The show boasts gigantic, full-body, human-operated puppets, shadow puppets and pole puppets that work in harmony with the ingenious lighting, sets, costumes (the flower costumes felt phoned in, though) and makeup to create stunning optical illusions and theater magic. Watching a 5-year-old mouth agape at a giraffe towering over his head is worth the price of admission alone."

Katie Bray,

The Mancunion
nov, 2022

"With over 150 people onstage and backstage needed to maintain the show, and 230-odd puppets used, and the use of several languages, it is a show of dedication and love, deeply rooted in the animation as a love letter to culture and music. It is a musical spectacular which unsurprisingly saw the whole audience united in a standing ovation."


The Lion King

Woo Shui Cheung
This is my first time watching musical and I love every bit of it! Music, lighting and decoration are all awesome! And... souvenirs too!
Apr, 2024
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The Lion King

Terry Dobinson
We had a fantastic day enjoyed the whole experience first time taking my son to the theatre for he's 5th birthday well worth the money and a great show and great experience would recommended lion king to any family with young children. The app was easy to use tickets was easily accessible.
Apr, 2024
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Player Kings

Kevin Millard
The performances were memorable-Sir Ian McKellen was outstanding. It was such a treat to be able to see someone of his talent performing on stage. Although I was sitting in the back row at the top section, the theater and performances still felt close and intimate. What a fun night!
Apr, 2024

The Mousetrap

Peter Stephens
Everything. Loved the play. Great fan of Agatha Christie and the format. The fact that the play had been going for so long gave it a special aura It was something that was an institution and when we were planning our trip a must see. Actors were brilliant and played to the audience the theatre was a major element of the experience in creating the atmosphere for the play. Agatha Christie, you know what you are going to get, as she works to a tried and tested formula, but you are always surprised by the ending
Apr, 2024
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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Fransiska Karsten
Love that the show immerses the audience. They combined songs perfectly. The actors have beautiful voice and the dance is great! The stage is also gorgeous.
Apr, 2024

Bronco Billy - The Musical

Perrez Ampofo
Headout were amazing- already gave us a cheaper rate for the show, + another £7.91 discount! The show itself was very funny, my bro and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Only downside was that you could hear the trains when inside the theatre
Apr, 2024

MJ The Musical

Catharina Ratzer
I think it was the best musical I have ever seen! Og the big ones I have seen book of mormon and Lion King. Everyone sang amazing and the main Michael character was amazing.
Apr, 2024

Matilda The Musical

Nadin Sell
Es hat meiner Tochter und mir sehr gut gefallen. Die Schauspieler / Sänger waren einfach Klasse, wie auch die Inzenierung . Ein super Erlebnis.
Apr, 2024
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Back to the Future

Isabella Mayer
Oh my god, words can't describe how amazing this musical was. I enjoyed every minute of it. I am a huge Back to the future fan and when I heard about this musical, I had to go and see it. The cast and music were phenomenal and did such an amazing job. It is definitely a musical that I would see again. I was blown away at how they did the show, especially at the end when Doc and Marty came flying over the audience in their car and did a whole 360° right over our heads! 10/10 performance from everyone! They sure must have been exhausted by the end of the night, due to go how hard they were performing, but it sure was an amazing musical.
Apr, 2024
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