The Crucible Review: The Haunting Play Casts Its Spell in London

14th June, 2023 | By Sophie Prestwich

The Crucible review is out!

The Crucible is a well-known story based on the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials. Written by Arthur Miller, this powerhouse of a play is complex yet easy to follow and leaves the audience engrossed throughout.  

Hauntingly Beautiful Set Design

This production is directed by Lyndsey Turner and is running at the Gielgud Theatre.  The atmosphere is tense with a “rain curtain” covering the stage and distorting the set behind. The set is simple and utilitarian and goes unnoticed due to the incredible acting on stage. The walkway at the back of the stage is used to provide flashbacks and changing perspectives. At times, due to the lighting, you have to question whether they are there or if it’s just your imagination, which again is extremely unsettling. The set design is powerful, as is the choreography. 

Outstanding Performances

Milly Alcock played an Abigail that was undoubtedly vulnerable and naive but this almost gave her more power due to her lack of true understanding over her actions. After her performance in House of  Dragon, I was intrigued to see her on-stage presence and I was not disappointed! Nia Towle was frustratingly brilliant as Mary. Towle’s body movements showed Mary’s pure agony and she was so expressive without words which shows real artistry and theatre magic. 

The Crucible Review: Final Verdict ★★★★★

To sum up, this show is a perfect example of artistry on stage and I would give it 5 stars. With a strong script and impressive legacy the show was already set up for success but with small modern elements added it was a captivating, heartbreaking and haunting production that is a must-see on the West End this summer.

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