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The Book of Mormon

Critics' Verdict: ★★★★★

“Unstoppable hit”

“Cornucopia of comedy musical treats”

“Disarming puerile charm”

“Damnably clever”

“Most cryingly good night out”

“Unbelievably sharp”

“Decadent and self-indulgent”


The Book of Mormon Review | What The Critics Think

The Book of Mormon’ is, above all, very funny, breathing three-dimensional, all-singing, all-dancing life into the absurdities of literal Mormon dogma without ever being particulalry mean. It’s the mildest thing Parker and Stone have done, atheist in outlook but conciliatory towards anyone whose beliefs make them happy.”


— Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out

“If you're lucky enough to somehow have a ticket for this, the most cryingly good night out to have come along for years, and are by any chance looking forward to a smug few British-liberal hours sneering at the mad imbecilities of self-righteous Americans and organised religion, I have to tell you that you'll be disappointed. The Book of Mormon is far, far cleverer, far kinder, far more nuanced than that, and one of its many surprises is that it sent an enraptured, ecstatic audience home with an odd sense of having come, somehow, to really like Mormons."


— Euan Ferguson, The Guardian

“It will be fascinating to read the range of responses to Mormon – my hunch is they will fall squarely into the love or hate camps (the latter largely influenced by the strength of the religious satire). But for me and my generation, reared on South Park and Team America, there is little here to genuinely shock, and laughs by the bucketload.

If anything, by warm-heartedly embracing the medium of musical theatre, Parker and Stone have revealed a maturity and sensitivity lacking from their screen work. And I for one am delighted to welcome them to the fold.”


— Theo Bosanquet, WhatsOnStage

“The show works at root as a feel good evening, but one that successfully disguises its true nature by eschewing genuine sentiment; that is what is really being parodied most consistently...Nicholaw’s production sells its bare-faced cheek with enormous technical and performance flair and a brash yet disarming puerile charm...”


— Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

“A piece that returns to the traditional values of musical comedy but with an often foul-mouthed irreverence and outrageousness that makes it seem cutting edge...But while acknowledging that it is often damnably clever and sharp, I find it hard to warm to the show...Essentially this is an odd-couple buddy musical...’The Book of Mormon’ strikes me as a decadent and self-indulgent musical, and its mixture of satire and syrup ultimately proves repellent."


— Charles Spencer, The Telegraph UK

The Book of Mormon Review: Our Verdict

The Book of Mormon - Review

Here is what our reviewer had to say about West End's The Book of Mormon:

The scandalously funny and cleverly satirical musical, The Book of Mormon, will probably catch you off guard with its brand of humour, but deeper within you’ll find layers and layers of important social commentary that has rarely been seen on stage recently. Playing at London's Prince of Wales Theatre, and created by the talented duo of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Robert Lopez, this award-winning production is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking. The sharp wit, the catchy tunes, the brilliant cast and the deft storytelling make for an unforgettable experience on stage and you have to watch it to believe it. No matter from which angle you want to see it, this is for sure: The Book of Mormon is no joke.