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The Play That Goes Wrong

Critics' Verdict: ★★★★

“London’s greatest farce”

“A genuine feat of stage management”

“An evening of non-stop hilarity”

“This comedy has, of course, actually done everything right.”

"A cult classic"

“The Play That Goes Wrong proves right for West End”

“West End’s finest farce”


The Play That Goes Wrong Review | What The Critics Think

“A highly physical and very silly comedy, the play features cast and crew of the “Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society” attempting to stage a 1920s murder mystery - and everything that can go wrong, does."


— Mark Brown, The Guardian

"’This comedy has, of course, actually done everything right. Produced by LAMDA graduates Mischief Theatre, the show has had successful runs at the Old Red Lion in Islington, Trafalgar Studios, and in Edinburgh; now it's made it all the way to the West End. Amid all the chatter about the overbearing West End dominance of jukebox musicals and film spin-offs, it’s cheering to see a dynamic young company land slap-bang in the middle of Theatreland.”


Time Out

"What sets this play apart is an exceptional execution of physical comedy. The talented ensemble masterfully executes perfectly timed mishaps, unexpected accidents, and a seemingly never-ending series of misfortunes that leaves the cast struggling to keep the show afloat. From faulty props and set pieces collapsing to actors missing their cues and flubbing their lines, each moment is orchestrated with precision, ensuring an uproarious response from the audience throughout the show.”


— Lucy Foxell, London Unattached

“The Play That Goes Wrong has become a cult classic for London theatre since opening in 2015, filling the London streets with riotous laughter. Even with time and new casts, this has not changed, and that trend continues with this new bunch of misfits.

The cast are absolutely bonkers in the best way possible, performing disaster after disaster with such chaotic brilliance you will be laughing almost the entire time. The thunderous laughter at the slightest movement or eye twitch will set the whole building shaking with joy. What is most refreshing is that this new cast does not try to be carbon copies of those who played their roles before, each bringing their own little quirks and characteristics to make each moment their own."


— Jordan Hayter, The Understudy

"A longstanding presence in the West End has awarded The Play That Goes Wrong the sort of name recognition and momentum usually reserved for the likes of The Mousetrap or Les Misérables."


— Charlotte L Rose, Times Series

"An evening of fun, laughter and even more fun, The Play that Goes Wrong never misses a beat.

The show follows the antics of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, who are trying their very best to stage a production of a 1920s murder mystery. As the show's title might suggest, this is not as easy as it sounds with everything that can go wrong doing just that

The hit farce has been running on London stages since 2013 when it opened as ‘The Murder Before Christmas’ above a pub. Now, it garners audiences in the thousands as it continues to be the West End’s finest farce."


— Bibi Lucille, London Theatre Reviews