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ABBA Voyage Review: Thank YOU For the Music

12th May, 2023 | By Vandana Lohia

The immersive music experience called ‘ABBA Voyage’ is a revolutionary concert like no other. The iconic Swedish pop group ABBA has returned in all their glory and how! Taking place at London’s ABBA Arena, this ground-breaking concert will take audiences back in time on a dazzling voyage via ABBA’s timeless and musical hits. As if ABBA's music alone isn't enough, seeing the icons' digital avatars (dubbed ABBA-tars) made the experience so much more meaningful. It was almost impossible to remember that these ABBA-tars are merely digital avatars - they are so life-like! The venue in itself is mind-blowing and perfect for experiencing such an immersive concert. One can even go in for the dancing booth section. After all, who can resist dancing to ABBA's tunes?

ABBA's timeless melodies have resounded with multiple generations, and as expected, their return to the stage was met with roaring applause. The setlist for ABBA Voyage was a thoughtfully planned selection of songs that showcased the band's impressive career. The concert smoothly transitioned from ABBA's popular hits to their less well-known songs, pleasing both longtime fans and new listeners. Each song was accompanied by dazzling visuals, transporting the audience to different eras and settings. The production spared no expense in creating a visually stunning spectacle, with mesmerizing lighting and immersive stage designs. ABBA Voyage effectively combined the classic elements of ABBA's performances with modern touches to give them a more current feel.

ABBA Voyage Review: Final Verdict ★★★★★

The music, the visuals, the ABBA-tars, the sound system, and the vibe are all captivating. It's impossible to draw your eyes away from the stage and stop swaying and singing along for even a minute. The energy in the arena is palpable and infectious. A 5-star rating is simply not enough for this gorgeous, mesmerizing concert. The show was a symphony of masterful talent, technical prowess, and wistful nostalgia. It was an experience of the highest calibre.

ABBA's music has an ineffable power to uplift spirits and bring people together. ABBA Voyage triumphs not only in honouring the music of ABBA but also in serving as a deeply moving tribute to the loyal fans who have supported the band over time.

I highly recommend attending ABBA Voyage; a show that promises an extraordinary evening of entertainment, whether you're a lifelong fan or a newbie to the legendary group's music. ABBA Voyage is a delightful homage to one of the greatest pop groups in history, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and performed with passion and skill. The infectious melodies, dazzling visuals, and electrifying performances will leave you with a renewed appreciation for ABBA's timeless music.

As the curtain falls on ABBA Voyage at London's ABBA Arena, it's impossible not to marvel at the resounding triumph that has just taken place. This unforgettable journey through ABBA's hits is a testament to both the enduring quality of their music and the band's unwavering ability to connect with fans, old and new.

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